Sunday, November 8, 2009

More pictures

Dada and Ba from Ohio (Pappa's mama-mami) visited us from October 10-October 20th. They came to play with Anay and me. We had a blast with them. We went to several places, including put-put golf, visit to Google, Gilroy Gardens, and San Francisco Fisherman;s wharf. At put-put golf they had Halloween decorations and I had a blast looking the giant cat and all the spider web. As Google while a group of adults played pool, me and Anay had a blast in the ball pit. Gilroy Gardens had ton of rides for my age and they had waterfalls, flowers, and soft music. In San Francisco we show the airshow with fighter planes doing some cool stunts. Pictures from their visit that we took in our camera are here. Pictures from Dada's camera are on his facebook page.

For mummy's b'day we also made a trip around San Jose. We visited Children's discovery museum. That was a lot of fun. First I got to sit on a fire truck. I sat in the driver's sit and moved around the steering wheel. I didn't want to come out of the truck. Then, I got to sit in old school style cart that used to deliver mails in US a few years ago. Then, we went to bubbles section. That was so much fun. I made bubbles in big puddle of soapy water. Saw the soapy water curtain, made bubble sandwitch, and got little wet and soapy. It was a soapy fun time :). Next, we went to the the pin wall where we could push pins from both side of the walls to make impression of our hands and legs. We also saw some gears and made a doll and clock move using the gears that was fun. Then went to speed breaker like apparatus where we walked on a slope and the slope changed based on our weight. I had a blast there.

Then, we went to the second floor of the museum. I did a lot of fun stuff there. I played with rice dough and made different shapes. Walked on a giant snake like creature and did puzzles using big blocks. I had a blast running around in the infant room where I saw some birds and turtle toys as well. Then, I went to this room with little marry-go-round horses. Their shadows played cool tricks on the walls. Then, we went to a 'restaurant' where they had toy food items. I played with pizza, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and bunch of apples. Then we went to the Halloween performance. Different kids had dressed up in Halloween costumes and danced to a song. I had so much fun.

The last fun part at CDM was the water play area. I put balls in water streams and they jumped out of pipes or stayed up at top of a water fountain. It was ton of fun. My dad can't describe that stuff too well, so you will have to see pictures to figure those things out. After all that fun, I fell asleep right in the high chair as we were eating in the cafe.

In the evening we went to the Heritage Rose Garden in San Jose. There were a lot of roses of all sort of colors. We got a lot of pictures there. It is also very close to San Jose Airport, so I had lot of fun seeing all airplanes coming to land at the airport.

Herer are Pictures from the CDM and Rose Garden trips.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lot more pictures

Hi Everyone,

My dad finally got around to posting more pictures. Let's start with mummy b'day 2009. We celebrated it with carrot cake and you can see me getting some cake. There is more pictures from her bday, but they are on different camera and my dad is too lazy for now :(.

Next, are pictures from my showing at Navratri and trip to kids castle. Kids castle is like Chuckee Cheese, but they also have indianized pizza, so it works out pretty well for everyone. We have been there couple times now and I really like the rides there. I also like crawling into the tubes that they have there.

There are also more pictures of me from couple days after my haircut and from my 14th month bday celebration. I would have to say I look much better with my old or new hair compared to back then. As you can see in the early pictures now I do some pretty cool artwork. Also, my hair are growing at rapid rate and I am back to looking handsome in the later pictures.

There are also pictures from my music class. I like the music class so much and the last class when we all dressed up was awesome. I was dressed up as squirrel man and that was pretty cool. We had couple pumpkins, a spongebob, a prisoner, a dragon, an alligator, and a snow white. We even sang some halloween songs. My dad will get around to posting the videos from the class on my youtube channel soon.

Well nap time for me, see you again soon..