Friday, March 18, 2016

Its been a while we shared Ansh's update. Ansh is 7 years old. He is cute,  handsome and loving kid. He handles Khushi and all small kids very well. Good leadership. Ansh loves book reading. He finishes 200 pages book in one seat, just like daddy. Ansh loves science, all machines related things.  He makes his own circuit creation, his own science experiments. Ansh is tallest in his class. Ansh is very well behaved kid.  Takes care of everyone, specially when mumma is sick he  does so many things for  her:). Ansh  knows swimming very well, bicycling, scooter riding  he likes. Ansh is in 2nd grade at champion school. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pictures Pictures and more Pictures

Here are Ansh's and Khushi's pictures from 2012 Click the link to view the pictures:
Mummy,Pappa marriage anniversary pics: Mummy,Pappa marriage anniversary Jan 2012 Pictures

Ansh, Khushi and family studio pics: Ansh and Khushi Feb 2012 Pictures

Khushiben 2nd Birthday pics: Khushiben 2nd Birthday Pictures March 2012

Miscellaneous pics: Ansh and Khushi May 2012 Pictures

Anshbhai 4th Birthday pics: Anshbhai 4th Birthday Pictures June 2012

Anshbhai making big Puzzle and Khushiben playing with her toy, Mummy in broken leg pics: Ansh and Khushi July 2012 Pictures

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kavita for Ansh from Mummy

Anshbhailu one kavita for you from Mummy:

Ansh tu chho amaru Jivan, Vahal no dariyo, Prabhu no prasad, Khushi ni Khushi, Snehal no Sneha ane Kruti no Kalrav

Bhailu aaje pan yaad chhe tara aagman na samachar

Ghadi hati te khuba ja kimati, nahoti anubhavi etali Khushi kadi,

Roj vaat jota tara aa duniya ma pag mukawani,

Kari hati taiyari khub khub tara aawawani,

Prabhu ni daya thi e divas aawyo,

Nanaji no Janmadivas - Ansh lai ne aawiyo-

Tarikh hati e Pachchis June, 2008,  Samay hato Raat no 11.24

E pahelo taro Sparsh, kyarey bhulay na e harsh,

Jivan ni sarv khushi haatho ma samai, jyare tu vahal thi khola ma lapai,

Samay sarato jaay chhe, ane bandhan majaboot banatu jai chhe,

Varas thaya 4 , pan vahal vadhyu chhe hajar,

Vahal thi tame bolelu Mumma, ane pyar thi bolelu Pappa,

Khushibeni, Khushibeni aapne ramie, chalo aapne pharwa jaie,

Anshbhailu ne game varta, roj sambhalawi hoi bahu badhi varta,

Sarva no e khyal bahu rakhe, madad karwa te dodi aawe,

Nana bhai, bahen per vahal varasawe, Vadilo ne madad kari rizawe,

Mummy, Pappa jena haiya ma vase, E Ansh amara Swas ma Vase

Bhailu - tu chho badhu ja amaru,

Tuj thi banyu chhe aa jivan sundar amaru,

Hamesha bhailu tu khush rahe, pragati na shikaro chadato rahe,

Amaru to tu jivan chhe, jatan thi malelu ratan chhe

Vahalu BHAILU-Khub Khub Pyar........................................!

Happy BirthDay to you AnshBhailu - Ansh 4 years old

Hi! Everyone,

Happy Birthday to you, Anshbhailu. Happy Birthday to you. Yes, Ansh turned 4 on June,25th,2012. Ansh has been very mature and very helpful kid. He is a good eater. He likes to eat healthy food. He likes kobi, tindola sabji so much. Ansh can write first and second abcd and numbers. He is also very good with counting and reading letters and numbers.
Ansh likes to read books a lot. He likes to listen to the stories. Before going to  bed, Ansh gives topic to Pappa (e.g. wall and support, fish and A+. etc.. etc...) and asks Pappa to tell stories on that given topic. Everyday he listens 5-6 stories with Pappa, 2-3 stories with Mummy and He also goes to Dada and Ba to listen stories. He asks Dada to read 70 pages every day with him. :) (Yes, sometimes 70, sometimes he asks for more).
Ansh has been very good with Khushi and Anay. Now, Ansh and Anay are in the same class at school, Ansh takes care of Anay a lot. Khushi is also in the same school, but different class, so in the morning all three kids go to school together with Ba and Dada.
As Ansh is  now 4 years old, he is moving to Pre-K class from 07/02/2012. He has very much respect for his pre school teacher - teacher Ramani.
Ansh likes painting, outside play, playing different board games, play dough time.
There are few of his favorite things - blue jeep, hawa pump, spray bottle, batteries,his wrist watch.
Ansh also made a Strawberry song:).
He is very cute, little, handsome and smart boy.

Happy Birthday Dear Bhailu, Happy Birthday to you. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pictures Pictures and more Pictures

Hello everyone,

It has been a long time we are back with new photos. Ansh is 3 and half years old now. He is very good with playing blocks. In this mean time, we went to Orlando, Florida Disney world. It was so much fun. Ansh also participated in his School's Christmas program. He performed very well on the stage. He seems to be very mature than before.
Now, he is in green room - preschool room. He can write very well with connect the dots and some letters own his own. Now, he can read first and second abcd very well. He reads the boards when we go out. He is very nice with Khushi too. They both play together.

Here, are the pictures:

See Pictures of

Disney World Dec 2011

Ansh Anay Christmas Program

Miscellaneous pics

Irvine trip Labour day weekend 2011

Ba Dada Birthday 2011

Las Palmas Park 15th September 2011

Navratri 2011

Chaki Cheese with Dada and Papa Oct 4 2011

Kids being kids at home

Papa birthday 2011

Happy Hollow park Oct 2011

San Martin Pumpkin Patch Oct 2011

Monray bay Aquarium Nov 2011

Ansh Khushi happy time

Halloween 2011

Mummy Birthday and Rangoli 2011

Khushi making blocks tower

Ansh Khushi having fun

Pumpking patch 2011

Lot of pictures hmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care,

Jai Shri Krishna

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ansh in Preschool class

Hello everybody,
How are you doing? I am here with Ansh's updates. Ansh is now in Preschool class, it is called green room in his school. He is learning a lot there. He is doing writing practice there. Connect the dots is his favorite activity. He likes to participate during circle time. He can speak 1 to 100 now. He knows first ABCD and little bit of second abcd. He seems to be very mature. He takes care of Khushi so much. Ansh and Khushi wake up together in the morning. They take shower together, eat breakfast together and sometimes Khushi comes to drop off or pick up Ansh from school. Ansh's favorite toys: Hawa Hava bottle, spray bottle, Pankho,Battery.
Ansh's favorite food: Milk, Banana-Apple shake, fruits, vegetables, Salad, Chips and dip, sweets etc. He loves most of the food.
He likes to play in park. He also likes to play with Khushi and Anay. His attention span is very good. He likes to talk a lot before going to sleep. These days Ansh and Khushi both sleep together at night. Ansh understands a lot now. Ansh made a song 'Anshil Banshil, Mumma Panchhil'. He is smart, handsome boy with good understanding.
We love him a lot.
Will come again with new pictures and stories.
Take care, bye bye
Jai Shri Krishna

Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to you Ansh and India trip 2011

Hello Everyone,

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to dear Ansh bhailu ... Happy Birthday to you. Yes, Ansh is 3 years old now. He is a big boy. I can say, he is now more of my friend than son. Because he understands a lot and he behaves that way. He is going to the new class in his school as he is a big boy now. He is completely potty train boy. Sweet, little handsome boy :). we love you dear. This year we celebrated his birthday in India with everybody there. We had lot of fun. Anshbhai takes very good care of Khushiben and Khushiben always finds bhailu all the time to play with. They both can't leave without each other.

How are you doing? We had a blast, becauuuuuuuuseeeeee..... we went to India in May, 2011. We stayed there for 6 weeks. We flew from SFO airport on 25th May. We had a whole day holt at Hong Kong. We moved around in the city. we sat in train, bus and we went to Ocean Park. We reached India at night. We met Ushaba, Jayumama, Jigishamami and Haribhai in Ahmedabad. Ansh and Khushi had lot of fun playing with Hari. They all had nice company. We all had jet lag so, we used to wake up pretty early in the morning and we go to the park to play in the early morning around 5.30. We enjoyed eating Mangoes. AAAAAAhhh... its so yuuuummmm. We also had very nice time with Ushaba. We enjoyed first rain of the season. We all got wet in rain. We had ravana jambu too. We had been to swimming pool in Jayumama's colony. We also met Arukaka, Latakaki and Sonalmasi in A'bad. We had been to mall in A'bad.We also went to see Science city. Musical fountains at Science city where very unique and nice. We also met Vijaymasa, Pratibhamasi,Yashmama and Haritmama in A'bad.
Ansh had fun playing with Haribhai because he had not been playing with elder kids, so he was enjoying so much. Khushi was also moving around with them and playing. She used to call 'Hariiiiiiiiiii', ' Harrrrrrrrrrrrrriiii'.

We went to Rajkot afterward. We enjoyed going for 'Kabu mum' and 'Gaay mum mum' with Jasiba. Ansh and Khushi enjoyed eating 'Ganthiya' and 'Khajali' in Rajkot. We met Chanduphai, Shardaphai, Ramabhabhu, Samirmama, Madhubhabhu,Himanshumama,Rinamami,Parthbhai, Bansiben, Sureshkaka,Swatikaki, Rameshakaka, Dakshakaki,Kishorphuwa, Sarojphai, Jatinmama, Kashmiramami, Pratikbhai,Mukundmama, Mamtamami,Ba, Harshadmama, Madhumami,Jaishrimasi,Chikookaka, Jaymama, Malaymama and lot of other relatives. Kids used to play in the street during evening time and Ansh and Khushi join the party. They love to be like Indian kids. We enjoyed a lot. Both kids saw 'Jalesh' were mummy born and brought up, So mom had lot of emotional attachment to that place and kids show the same attachment to Rajkot.

Ansh fall sick in Rajkot for a week. He had throught infection and high fever. But he got better after a week. We went to fun world to have fun.

After our Rajkot trip, where mummy had very strong emotional attachment, we went to Baroda via A'bad. Baroda is the place where Pappa, born and brought up. So, Pappa had very soft corner for that city. We went to Kamatibaag. We met Pareshkaka, Anjukaki, Nidhiben, Darshanbhai, Phaiba, Maheshkaka, Kaki, Vijaykaka, Kaki, Bholabhai, Vijaykaka's kids, Sanjaykaka, Bhavnakaki, Jalabhai and Radhiben, Mahendramama, Mami,Payalkaki's mummy, papa, Shauryabhai, Mintimasi, Keshamasi, Karanmama, sonuben and jijaji. We had fun there.

We went to Hyderabad afterwords as Papa had to work from Hyderabad Google office. So, Ushaba,Mummy, Papa, Ansh, Khushi and Yashmama went to Hyderabad at Pratibhamasi's place. We had blast there. Pratibhamasi and Vijaymasa took care of us very well. we went at Husainsagar lake, we did boating there and we saw big Budhdha statue. We also saw laser and musical fountain show which was amazing. We also went to see 'Ramoji film city'. We did lot of shopping from there.
We also visited Hyderabad Google office.

We returned back to Ahemdabad. Hinumama, Hetalmami and Small little angel came to see us at Ahmedabad. We had very nice time together.
We returned back on June, 4th, 2001. ....................With lot of sweet memories. Our heart was filled with both emotions. Happiness to see everyone and to spend nice time with everybody. and sadness as we were leaving them. Everything became live as I am writing these things. No words to say, but I really really miss everyone there and India.

We are back home, everyone was waiting for us Ba, Dada, Anaybhai, Kaka, Kaki. Motaba came with us to US. Now, Ansh goes to school everyday. Khushi speaks a lot 'Ganthiya aapo', 'Paani Aapo' and all type of stuff. She had new 6 teeth.

See Pictures of pics of Hong Kong halt, Rest of India trip Take Care. Got to go to pick up Ansh from School. Bye