Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ansh 18th month

My 18th month has been pretty fun. We made a trip to the The Jungle Island in San Jose. It was pretty fun. I played in their ball pit and with the wooden blocks. I think once I am like 3 yrs old I would have more fun there.

I am also doing ton of stuff at home. I have a Megablocks set now that I play a lot with and I can build lot of structures with it. Pappa hasn't gotten around to putting up videos of the block structures, but he will soon do that. Also, I now have animal and vegetable toys that I play with, I have a lot of fun finding them and arranging them.

I am also having a ton of fun in my music class. I am learning lot of stuff and I like to dance to the songs at home too. I love ram sam, hot dog, and old king cole songs. I also like softer tunes like apples and cherries and can you do it.

We also put up christmas trees and lights early since Anay and kaki are heading to India. We got our christmas gifts early too. Check them out in the photos links. My dad also managed to organize my videos into playlists. So far he has put up 7 playlists you can see them on my youtube channel.

On a not so fun note so far, I started going to My Dream Academy day care center. My first week has been pretty rough. I keep crying and looking at the door to see if my mom or dad have come to pick me up. On the bright side I love playing in the outdoor section and I am liking some of the toys there. Friday was so far the best day for me and I managed to play there and read a book. The weather has been cold and rainy so I might be stuck in the room instead of playing out, but at least I have a few teachers and friends to play with. My family can also watch me online on the daycare's webcam. I will be back with more pictures, videos, and notes soon.

Pictures from my 18th month, trip to the Jungle Island, and early Christmas gifts.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

More pictures

Dada and Ba from Ohio (Pappa's mama-mami) visited us from October 10-October 20th. They came to play with Anay and me. We had a blast with them. We went to several places, including put-put golf, visit to Google, Gilroy Gardens, and San Francisco Fisherman;s wharf. At put-put golf they had Halloween decorations and I had a blast looking the giant cat and all the spider web. As Google while a group of adults played pool, me and Anay had a blast in the ball pit. Gilroy Gardens had ton of rides for my age and they had waterfalls, flowers, and soft music. In San Francisco we show the airshow with fighter planes doing some cool stunts. Pictures from their visit that we took in our camera are here. Pictures from Dada's camera are on his facebook page.

For mummy's b'day we also made a trip around San Jose. We visited Children's discovery museum. That was a lot of fun. First I got to sit on a fire truck. I sat in the driver's sit and moved around the steering wheel. I didn't want to come out of the truck. Then, I got to sit in old school style cart that used to deliver mails in US a few years ago. Then, we went to bubbles section. That was so much fun. I made bubbles in big puddle of soapy water. Saw the soapy water curtain, made bubble sandwitch, and got little wet and soapy. It was a soapy fun time :). Next, we went to the the pin wall where we could push pins from both side of the walls to make impression of our hands and legs. We also saw some gears and made a doll and clock move using the gears that was fun. Then went to speed breaker like apparatus where we walked on a slope and the slope changed based on our weight. I had a blast there.

Then, we went to the second floor of the museum. I did a lot of fun stuff there. I played with rice dough and made different shapes. Walked on a giant snake like creature and did puzzles using big blocks. I had a blast running around in the infant room where I saw some birds and turtle toys as well. Then, I went to this room with little marry-go-round horses. Their shadows played cool tricks on the walls. Then, we went to a 'restaurant' where they had toy food items. I played with pizza, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and bunch of apples. Then we went to the Halloween performance. Different kids had dressed up in Halloween costumes and danced to a song. I had so much fun.

The last fun part at CDM was the water play area. I put balls in water streams and they jumped out of pipes or stayed up at top of a water fountain. It was ton of fun. My dad can't describe that stuff too well, so you will have to see pictures to figure those things out. After all that fun, I fell asleep right in the high chair as we were eating in the cafe.

In the evening we went to the Heritage Rose Garden in San Jose. There were a lot of roses of all sort of colors. We got a lot of pictures there. It is also very close to San Jose Airport, so I had lot of fun seeing all airplanes coming to land at the airport.

Herer are Pictures from the CDM and Rose Garden trips.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lot more pictures

Hi Everyone,

My dad finally got around to posting more pictures. Let's start with mummy b'day 2009. We celebrated it with carrot cake and you can see me getting some cake. There is more pictures from her bday, but they are on different camera and my dad is too lazy for now :(.

Next, are pictures from my showing at Navratri and trip to kids castle. Kids castle is like Chuckee Cheese, but they also have indianized pizza, so it works out pretty well for everyone. We have been there couple times now and I really like the rides there. I also like crawling into the tubes that they have there.

There are also more pictures of me from couple days after my haircut and from my 14th month bday celebration. I would have to say I look much better with my old or new hair compared to back then. As you can see in the early pictures now I do some pretty cool artwork. Also, my hair are growing at rapid rate and I am back to looking handsome in the later pictures.

There are also pictures from my music class. I like the music class so much and the last class when we all dressed up was awesome. I was dressed up as squirrel man and that was pretty cool. We had couple pumpkins, a spongebob, a prisoner, a dragon, an alligator, and a snow white. We even sang some halloween songs. My dad will get around to posting the videos from the class on my youtube channel soon.

Well nap time for me, see you again soon..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

ma,,ma, pa,,pa, ba,,ba, ya..... Now I can speak

Hey, I can speak now. I can speak Mama, Papa, Baba. I also like to say Ya. I also speak na, ha, ta,va,aap, aam. Sometimes I speak kya hai?..... Its lot more fun speaking. I am enjoying it. Oh and my youtube channel has been updated with new videos.

My new achievements

Hi everyone,

I have been going to the music class. Hureeee!!!! I go to my music class every Saturday in the morning with my mummy, daddy and sometimes with my ba, dada. I love music class. I meet with so many friends there. My teacher sings and dance and We all join her in singing and dancing. I like to play drum there. I love few songs among them. One is apples and cherries, peaches, blue berries, grapes and bananas. Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum. ... I also like ram sam sam song. I also like hot dog song. Even after coming home now I know how to start tv and how to play music. When ever I want to listen to the music and dance. I start tv and I give mummy remotes to start player. I can clap, I can move round round, I can dance with my hands, I can stump my feet. Now I understand words in my favourite cd. I show all body parts and colors when it comes in the songs.
I know all body parts. I can point head, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tong, lips, hands, eyes, legs, nails, finger tips, tops. I can also show you blue, red, green, white, yellow and black color.

Now I can relate things. There is Mickey in my sippy cup. I show that mickey and can show the mickey that mummy maid it for Diwali rangoli painting. Same for goofy. I like to explain that goofy on my sippy cup is also in my pillow. I can point to the sky to show you stars and moon.

My faourite activity is open and close the bottle cover. I also do lot of art work these days. I made 3 cards for pappa's B'day. I used colors and stickers to make those cards. THose are very pretty.

When I go for a walk with mummy everyday. I like to smell flowers, I like to show deer, dogs, squirrels, stop signs in our way.

Now I can go to bed by myself. Mummy, pappa tell me the stories or read books or sing songs and I go to bed. SO, its easy for them to make me sleep.

Dad dug up few pictures from his cell phone for this post.

My Baal Muvara after coming from India trip

Hello everybody,

I am back again with my interesting story. I had long hair when I was in India. After coming home in USA, We did my Baal Muvara. It wasn't fun at all for me. Hair cutting was done at our home, When I was taking my afternoon nap, my mummy, pappa and ba cut out my long, slky hair. Most of the time during that part, I was asleep. But when it was about to finish, I got up. After that my pappa used the hair remover machine to remove all hair from root. I was in my mummy's hand and pappa used the hair remover machine on my head. I was crying a lot. After my baal muvara, I took shower and slowly, slowly I was feeling better. Now my hair was gone. I knew that and when somebody asked me, where is your hair? I used to show him with my hands that it is gone. I was looking very smart and different after my baal muvara. You can see few of my pictures in my new cool hair in pictures from Chuckee Cheese trip.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

India trip last 3 weeks part 3

We went to Mummy's ada and bhabhu's place. We met Chituada, Madhubhabhu. I had chevado and biscuits at their place. We also went to Ashaben and Hiteshkumar's place. Ashaben is Chituada's daughter. I also met Vidhididi(Ashaben's daughter) at Ashaben's place. She took me to the nearby temple. I enjoyed with her. We also met Himanshubhai(Chituada's son), Reenabhabhi, Bansi and Parth. I had fun with all of them.

Next day we went to Mukundmama and Mamatamami's place. I had some ice cream and gaanthiya there. I also enjoyed on swing in their balcony.

In the evening we held paaranu for me at the Jalaram temple. They put me in a decorated crib and I did jj to all bhagvaan. I got woken up from middle of the sleep, so I wasn't n very happy mood. That night we went to 'Jalesh', mummy's home when growing up. I had fun running in the empty house and sitting on the hinchko.

Next morning we left Rajkot and came to Arukaka and Latakaki's place in A'bad. Haribhai came their with mama and mami as well. I had a blast running around the veranda and we enjoyed bhel and paani puri. At night we went back to Jayeshmama and ?Jigishamami's place and got together with ba. Hinumama and Hetalmami also came from Pune to meet with us. I went out with Hinumama several times to see dogs and other animals outside. It was a lot of fun.

Finally after six weeks of fun times meeting different relatives, it was time for us to come back to USA. Both mama-mami and Haribhai came to drop us off at the airport and we got on to flight from A'bad to Mumbai. The flight was relatively short and they gave us some food. From there we had a short break and Mumbai and then got on to the long flight to JFK airport in New York. The flight was 17 hours, but I stayed very good. I slept for a long time ate my food and drank milk regularly. When I was awake I played in the tiny area in front of our seats. There were also other kids near me. When we reached New York I was completely up and bored from not running. We had couple hours break and I spent that time running around the airport giving myself and mummy-pappa much needed body exercise after long time sitting. From there it was another six and half hour in flight to SFO. I slept through most of the flight.

Hetukaka came to pick us up at the SFO airport. I got to sit in my new car seat which now faces forward instead of facing back. While that's not as good as being free in the car in India, its lot safer and also let's me see everything through the windshield. When I got home I got together with Anaybhai, kaka, kaki, ba, and dada.

More on life post trip in the next post. For now my dad and mom have finally finished the India trip description (full month and half after the end of the trip), so they will take a short break.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

India trip last three weeks part 2

On 7th we went to Payalkaki's place in the evening. I played a lot there as they had some toys from when Shaurya was there. I sat out on hinchko with dada (payalkaki's dad) and ba (payalkaki's mom). I also spent a night at their place and had breakfast in the morning.

We spent most of 8th doing shopping and went to Pareshkaka's place in the evening. I haven't pointed this out before but in India I used to take bath in a dol. I played bedminton and catch catch with Darshanbhai and had fun.

On 9th we went to Rajkot via A'bad. It was a long trip but I stayed asleep in the car for most part. A'bad traffic is almost as bad as LA traffic. In Rajkot I saw mummy's masi, motaba, ane mummy's mama. I stayed at their place for the most part and had a lot of fun. I was very careful of not hurting motaba who was in the drawing room. Here is picture of me patiently waiting for my turn to get her blessings. I would stand by her bed and ask for help to go to inside room that way I wouldn't accidently hurt her. I would also point out to everyone when she moved her fingers or tried to say something. She pointed at me several times while I was playing there. I also went to feed birdies mainly kabutars with mummy's masi and went to the temple that way close by several times.

On the 12th morning we went to mummy's foi's place. We met Shardafoi and Chandufoi (both ba for me). We took lunch at their place ane mane chhe ne emni divet raakhvaani dabbi hati ne e khol banch karvaani khub maja padi :). In the evening we went to pappa's motamama's place. Their we got together with mama-mami, ba-dadaji (who came to Rajkot with me), and Navyadididi. I had lot of fun playing with Navyadidi, emene mane hichaka naakhya ane maari saathe doda dodi kari ane mane nini karavavaani try kari. We also got some studio pictures taken which pappa hasn't got around to putting up yet.

Next morning we went to pappa's masi's place. There we met Chickoomama and pappa's masi. I ate lunch with them slept through the afternoon and sat on their indoor hinchko. In the evening we went mummy's kaka's place. We met with mummy's kaki, Samirmama, Parulmasi and Akshaymasa, their daughter Shreya, and Akshaymasa's parents. We had dinner with them and I played the water tap and a ball at their place. Mummy also tied raakhi to Samirmama.

Next day we went to mummy's Rameshkaka and Dakshakakai's place. Their place had a lot of decorations in celebrations for Janmastami. I really enjoyed the kana's decoration. I also ate ganthiya and biscuits at their place. Part 3 of the India trip description will be coming soon as soon as my dad and mom can stop watching movies while I sleep and update my blog :).

Oh yeah hint hint wink wink...last time I said more life changes in USA, well you notice my long hair in the pictures, one of the changes is that, but more on it after the India trip descriptions are over :).

Saturday, September 19, 2009

India trip : last three weeks

Pappa came to India on very early morning on 1st August. I had already fallen asleep when he came but when I woke up I recognized him immediately even though he had grown a beard and mustache. I even pointed out his beard :). You can see us having a blast with dad's beard in this picture.

We continued to have fun in A'bad. We went to watch a movie and while everyone watched a movie in the theater, my dad and I played outside the theater. The theater had many screens so the central area was a big carpeted area and I had a blast running around the area watching them do clean ups and watching popcorn machine :). We also went to see Haribhai's new house that is under constructions. Its in nice big colony with lot of common areas for playing. Here is our picture in front of the club house of the society.

We went to Vadodara on 5th August. We stayed with my dad's nanaji-naniji or as we call them ba-dadaji. Their house is big with fairly open layout, so I had a blast running around. We even got to sleep on the terrace as it was fairly warm during our stay. We setup gaadlaas and macchhardaani and had a blast. Usually, I would put mom and dad to sleep and then continue playing for a while before falling asleep myself.

On the evening of 5th August we went to pappa's motakaka's place. Pappa's kaki's taibat has not been very good, so we checked up on her health and Raadhishadidi tied raakhi to me. We also had some breakfast and sweets their.

6th August was rakshabandhan. Mommy first tied raakhi to dadaji and ba. Then, we went out to pappa's foi's place. Foi tied raakhi to pappa and foi's grand daughters tied raakhi to me. We all had lunch at their place and I had a blast running around and playing with every one.

Next, we went to Sanjaykaka's place. There Radhikadidi tied raakhi to me. I also played with Varunbhai or Jalabhai for a long long time on their terrace. It was soooooo much fun.

Next, we went to Pareshkaka's place. I was asleep for the most part at their house, but when I woke up Nidhididi tied raakhi to me and I had a bunch of biscuits. I also got to play with Darshanbhai.

At night we went to Pappa's mama's place. We had dinner at their place and mommmy tied raakhi to pappa's mama on ba's behalf. I was asleep when we got there, but then woke up and played with everyone. I went to pappa's mami quite a bit and that was surprise for everyone as I didn't use to go to anyone.

That night I was very tired as we had moved around quite a bit so we fell asleep quickly :). Well that's all that my dad can write for today, but fear not the rest of the trip description will come in next part(s).

There have also been some new exciting developments back in USA, but I gotta finish up the India trip before I go on to them. So, until next time see ya, chao, bye bye, ta ta, aavajo...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Months 13-14: India Trip

Hi Everyone,

I am back. I spent most of my 13th and 14th month out in India. Its been pretty fun, but its also great to be back. Me and mommy left from San Francisco airport on July 7th 2009 around 9am. Papa dropped us off at the airport. Everyone had been telling me about the trip so I kind of understood that I had to be in a plane for a llllllllooooooong time. First our flight went to John F. Kennedy airport in New York. The flight was delayed due to bad weather and it was a six and half hour flight, but I was really good, so we reached ok. We reached at about 8:45pm New York time. Then, we had to take a train to the Int'l terminal. That was kind of fun. I stayed in my stroller as mommy had to take me luggage and stroller.

Unfortunately, our flight to India had already left, so we were stranded at the airport for that night. Luckily for us, Rajumama joined us in New York and he arranged for us to get some food and go to a hotel. At the hotel I ran around a lot as I had spend all the pent up energy from sitting in the plane all day. Also, New York is 3 hours ahead of San Francisco time so that threw me off too. So, I stayed up till 5am New York time and played a lot. Next morning we woke up late and then went to the airport.

Our flight wasn't until the evening, so we ate at the airport and moved around. Finally it was 7:30pm and we got on to the llllllloooooong 15 hour flight. During this 15 hours flight, I slept for 9- 10 hours in mummy's lap and played for rest of the time. We reached at Mumbai around 10 O' clock at night. Rajumama had to go to Pune directly from Mumbai. I enjoyed his company, but from Mumbai Mumma and I were by ourselves. Our connecting flight to A'bad was at 1 O' clock in the morning. I walked around a lot at the airport and then slept in mummy's lap. I was sleeping all the time until we reach A'bad. It was hard for Mummy to handle me sleeping and to take care of luggage and to do everything. But we made it without much difficulty because people were so good around us, they helped us a lot. Flight was one hour late from Mumbai to A'bad so we reach at 3.00 am in the morning at A'bad. It was fun flying in plane first time for me.

We reached home at about 5:00 am on 10th July. Naniba ne ame surprise aapi hati etle emne khabar nahoti ke ame aaviye chhe. Etle ame emni paase jai ne ubha rahya to to temane maanya ma j na aavyu ke hu ne mummy tya pahochi gaya chhe.

Pachhi chhe ne ame tya Haribhai ne pan malya. Amne banne ne bhega ramvani khhhhhhhhub maja padi. Hu emna toys thi ramyo ne e maara toys thi ramya ane khub jalsa karya. Ane thodhu thodu emne pan mane toy ni jem ramadyo :). He has given me a nickname. It's 'Puchukadu'. He also used to sing a song for me. 'Anshil Banshil swimming in the water, swimming in the water, swimming in the water'. I enjoyed a lot with Jayumama and Jigishamami as well. Hun temana scooter ma baba pharawa jato.
Ba mane roj varta kaheta ane books vanchawata. Mane bahu ja maja aawati hati ba sathe.

Mane sharuaat ma jetlag khub hato etle hu ne mummy divas suta ane raate jaagta. E mummy ne thodu hard padatu, pan dhire dhire badhu ok thatu gayu. I and mummy go for a walk in the early morning around 6 o'clock. I love to listen to birdies chirping. I also like to see peacock, cow, doggy, cat, monkey and kids playing cricket in the playground.

I seat in Rickshaw, scooter and car in India. Daddy is going to write about the part after he came to India in a separate post, so that we can at least get the pictures and videos of the trip out. So, stay tuned for more on India trip and life back in USA.

Pictures and videos from the India trip are up and ready to watch.

Me and mommy in A'bad (first three weeks of the trip)
Next three weeks of the trip (A'bad, Vadodara, and Rajkot)
Videos from the trip are on my youtube channel

Sunday, July 19, 2009

More on me being year old

Hello everyone,

I am back. As promised I am going to tell you all about the new things I can do. But, before we get started, me and mommy are in India. We are having a lot of fun. I had some fever for last few days but I am better now and I am enjoying my time with Haribhai, Nanima, mama, and mami. My dad would like to add that he misses me and mom a llllllllllllllllllloooooooooottttt.

So in last month I have learned a few things. First I can now walk on my own or holding on to someone's fingers. Walking is soooooo much fun. I can go from one place to another very quickly. Once I got a little practice it wasn't hard. When I learn something I keep practicing it over and over and over. So, first I just started to practice standing up. Once I had that down I started taking one or two steps. I kept practicing that for a while and then we went to Stutididi's house a few weeks ago, I took 8-10 steps. Then on I just kept taking small steps all day every day until I had it perfected. Along the way I have learned that falling on diaper covered parts is not bad at all, but anywhere else is no fun. Fortunately, I only fell a few times on uncovered parts but cried a little some times.

Apart from that I am eating pretty much everything. I like to eat lunch and dinner with everyone at the table. I sit in my highchair and by the time I get back from India even Anay will be joining me.

I am also pointing at a lot of things now including birds, airplanes, cars, plants, khiskolis. I also get to ride on my dad's bicycle every day once in the morning and once in the evening. I like that a lot. I even have some pictures where I am wearing his helmet :). Look out daddy I will be taking over the bicycle sooooon.

Oh well my dad is missing me tooooo much to write much more, but he did add more pictures. These are from his and ba's cell phones. Have fun watching them..

Pictures from ba and pappa's cell phone.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I am a year old!!!!

Yoo hoo.... I am a one year old who can walk around the house on his own and run around!! I am so bbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiigggg. I say aa aa aa and point out everything. I look at birds, planes, trees, khiskolis, balloons everything and I point them all out.

My first year birthday
My one year birthday was a grand party. I was dressed in my fancy suit and looked dashing. I got a lot of gifts and had a ton of fun. There were a lot of kids around and I enjoyed playing with all of them. The kids did lot of bubbles and I enjoyed running among the bubbles. We ate a big cake, lot of pizza, and some indian sizzlers. It was sooooo much fun. There were sooo many people in house, but I didn't feel like I was crowded. I ran around in my white suit with red shirt under that.

I also got a lot of gifts. I played with the balloons from birthday for several weeks. In addition I got the lighting mcqueen car, couple of cool bibs that help me stay dry when I eat :), books, and several other toys. Kaka-kaki brought me a shape sorter type of toy that also has abacus type of balls on a tube that I can move around (that's the best description my dad can come up with so you will just have to see the toy in pictures). My mama-mami sent me a tricycle that I will be opening when I come back from India. Ba-dada got me a lot of summer cloths that I have already started wearing.

Trip to Chukee Cheese with family
Couple days after my birthday we went to Chuckee Cheese. It was soooooo much fun. Me and Anay set in bunch of rides and got a lot of pictures taken. I sat with chuckee, teletubbies, and bunch of other characters that I don't know yet. I also got my pictures taken and played a kid version of fooseball with mommy and daddy. Make sure to take a look at pictures from the trip below.

I am going to spend most of my 13th and 14th month in India. Mommy and I are already in India and pappa will be joining us soon. Pappa is missing me too much to write more now, but rest assured you will hear about the my India trip and things that I do in detail when he posts again..

Pictures from my birthday.
Pictures from Chukee Cheese.
Pictures from Ba's cell phone.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

11 months old and growing...

Hi Everyone,

I am 11 months old now. I have ton to report, so let me get started without further wait. Oh before I begin, an advertisement for my youtube channel where you can see plenty of my videos (As of last count I believe we got to over 65 videos). Here is my youtube channel.

Trips and other events

Katha and havan at our new home:
We had Gayatri havan and Satyanarayan Katha at our new home. It was lot of fun. I dressed up as Lord Krishna. I did all vidhi with my parents. Everyone was surprised that I was seating quietly and participating in all puja with my parents. We had many family friends at home during puja. You can watch the pictures to see all the guests.

Trip to Hanumaan Temple and Buddha temple with my mummy,daddy, Tithi, Rushika, Kalpanmama and Vaibhavimami:
I had been to Hanumaan temple and Buddha temple. It was pretty nice experience as Tithi and Rushika are little elder than my age. So, I had fun with them. Temples were pretty with meditation center and Yoga center. We spent whole day together. In the evening we went to a park near their home.

Trip to Yosemite with Jigneshmasa and Nidhimasi
This month was full of tours and events. So, I was pretty busy. I had a blast when Nidhimasi and Jigneshmasa came to see us from Minisota. I has so much fun with them. I, Mummy, Pappa, Nidhimasi and Jigneshmasa had been to Yosemite National park. This was my first long trip after I got over 7 months. But I had fun in the car with everyone. Yosemite national park is an amazing place to go. There were 10 - 15 big water falls in the park. Trees were so big that in one tree trunk 10 people can easily stand on one side and trees were really tall. I enjoyed splashing with daddy in one Yosemite river. Natural view was also amazing as mountains covered with snow, valley, water falls everything was together. We stayed there for 2 days.

Nidhimasi gave me bath and also made cheerios bracelet for me. I ate all cheerios from my bracelet :). Jigneshmasa gave me strawberries and played a lot with me. I miss them now as they went back to Minnesota.

Things I do

I do lot of new stuff. I was speaking mamama, papapa, dadada, bababa, tatata. But, now I can also speak cutcutcut, light, aap. Now, I understand everything. When mummy ask me to show Jeje wala, I point my finger to God's picture. When somebody asks me to give them somethinng, I can do that. When I heard bird voice or Plane voice, I show mummy that voice is coming from here. I love to water plants with my mummy. I walk with my walker and Jeep everywhere. Now I have preference with books. Whatever I want to read I give it to mummy. These days I spend most of my time with mummy. So, whenever mummy is around I would like to go to her.

My 6th teeth finally came out. I had fever for few days because of that, but now I am alright. So, now I have 3 teeth on upper side and 3 on lower side. I love to brush my teeth. I have my own brush. When Pappa is brushing his teeth. I would love to help him out with brushing. When I am feeling etching in my mouth because of teeth, I would like to bite something.

I like to play with musical and interactive toys much. I would also love to spend time in the backyard with my mommy. I also like to watch Anay play. I often play with him or pat him gently.

Eating habits

I am eating everything just like a big boy. I would like to eat subway, pizza just like adults. I love strawberries, blue berries, cherries, banana, mango. So, all fruits. I also eat angel hair pasta. I love to eat toast with milk. Rice crisp cereal with milk. I also like bread, roti, khichadi, daal, bhat, all vegetables, yogurt and what not. I eat by my self. I can also convey the message whatever I want to pass on. If I want to eat strawberries, I would show it to mummy from my fruits and vegetables book and I convey that I want to eat strawberries.


Now, bath time. Splashy splashy is my favorite time. When I am in the bath tub, I do splashy splashy a lot. I also took bubbles bath, but I didn't like it much.

As I understand and recognize things, I afraid of few toys which have vibrate motion. I go slowly to new people.

And very important thing - I am turning 12 months - 1 year old on next 25th, So I am throwing my B'day party. Its on 20th June, 2009. Its in the Serra Park, Sunnyvale. You all are invited. We will have tons of fun. Cake, games and what not...... so see you there. I gtg to prepare for the party

Ansh 11th month general pictures
Pictures from Masa Masi's trip part 1
Pictures from Masa Masi's trip part 2

Pictures from Ba Dada's anniversary

Pictures from my 11 month B'day party

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The joys of standing up

Hello everyone,

Its been a long wait for this post. I have been wanting to post this forever!! I have done so many things in the last month. I am going to have to divide this up in sections to make sure that I don't miss anything.

Friends and Family
I have had a lot of visitors in last month. Stutididi visited me during this month with Diptiauntie and Hemantuncle. We had a blast as you will see in the pictures for this month. We played a lot at home. Stutitdidi had to divide up her time between me and Anay, so we both decided to be awake one person at a time :). We also went to the Tech museum in San Jose. We also went to the Great Mall with her, but I don't remember much of that because it was kind of late at night and I was asleep.

Last week eight of us went to the Shoreline park. It is so beautiful out there. Very peaceful and the ducks walking around, people going into the lake with their little rented sailboats. It was nice!! But, don't take my word for it also take a look at pictures. We saw a mommy and daddy duck take their four ducklings around, it was great.

I have also gone out to eat at several Indian restaurants and Sweet Tomatoes. I like eating everywhere!! Especially the sweet stuff, but more on food in the food section.

What am I doing this month

I am crawling at super speed. No one in the house can keep up with me. I make my mommy, ba, daddy everyone run behind me. Crawling is so much fun, I can quickly go from one room to another and just find new things to do.

I do a few different things standing up. I can hold onto any furniture in the house to stand up. Then I pick up some toy with one hand while holding on the furniture with the other hand. I drop the toy bend over and pick it up again while I am still standing. I keep doing this all the time now. I also cruise a lot with support of the furniture. Sometime I even let go the furniture or barely hold it for a few seconds. My mommy and ba even managed to get a video of me standing without any support while I was taking a bath.

Guess what else I am doing? I am talking. I can say "mamamamam", which my dad interprets as me wanting food and my mommy interprets at "ma ma ma". I think I do little bit of both. I can also say ba, I sometimes say mommy mommy or daddy daddy. I also say pa pa pa pa. Boy talking is so much fun. Although I still yell a lot, I like talking. When I am done eating I often say "all done".

Finally my favorite family time is dancing time. I pretty much like any music, but let's see, so far we have danced to whatever plays on B4UMusic, going on a bear hunt and bean bag dance from the cd that ba has for me, and bunch of other songs including ymca, macarena, chicken dance, and my latest favorite the space jam movie songs. By the way for any of you wondering what these songs are, I refer you to my favorite site YouTube.

New toys for me this month
Stutididi brought me and Anay two toys. A 'shape sorter' and a 'in place baseball hitting' toy. I love them both. I take shapes out of the the shape sorter and put them back in. Admittedly taking them out is lot more fun. I practiced the baseball hitting with my daddy and mommy. Sometimes even when I am strolling through the sunroom I grab the baseball bat :).

Aha last but not least we are onto my favorite topic, food. I love all types of food (and some items that are not food :)), but we have discovered that eating shredded carrots is probably not a good idea since I don't yet chew them very well. I have been eating everything from my dad's plate, but my favorite part is eating toast with either soup or milk in the morning with my dad. Often I just sit in his lap instead of my high chair. I also like to eat bread for my breakfast.

In the afternoon mommy or ba feed me some veggies or fruit. I like banana, but I am kind of tired of carrots and beans. I can not have the veggies and fruits just boiled, they don't have to mush them in a mixer. I like roti a lot too. I can eat it all alone.

At night I eat dinner with everyone. My new favorite dinner food is pauha and tomato mix that mommy makes for me. That stuff is so yum yum that I just go through ton of it. After dinner I drink water with the proper glass that my parents drink from.

Finally here are two sets of pictures from this month. Part 1, Part 2.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Videos for 8th and 9th are up

Hi Everyone,

Time to start with a poem......My dad got tired of all english storybooks that we have because they count down from 10 to 1. He wanted me to have something that went from 1 to 10, so he and my mom together made up a poem.

One little finger playing with you,
one more joined in and that made it two,

Two little fingers climbing up a tree,
one more came in and that made it three,

Three little fingers making a huge roar,
one more joined in an that made it four,

Four little fingers running around wild,
one more joined in and that made it five,

Five little finger picking up some sticks,
one more joined in and that made it six,

Six little fingers looking up at heaven,
one more joined in and that made it seven,

Seven little fingers pulling all the weight,
one more joined in and that made it eight,

Eight little fingers went out to dine,
one more sneaked in and that made it nine,

Nine little fingers make up a lan,
one more joined it and that made it ten.


And my parents finally added my cool videos to the 8th month pictures and 9th month pictures. As they added the videos to the same folder, you will need to scroll through the pictures and see the videos as they appear. Have a blast....Oh and since I am a big helper, I helped add the following lines to the blog all by myself :).

kjdytsazpgvcv nb bghhyunb nh k vh mhg cvmn mhm.o fvgkfgvfvbcn m.
g cg ccn mn b b

If any of you can decode this, please let me know. The right winner will receive five huggies from me :). Time to blast off in space as they say in a cartoon!! See you from Naptune.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Scenary in 9th month

Wow what a cool 9th month it has been for me. I have done a ton of stuff this month. I am now cruising a little holding on to the furniture. I have a new doctor assigned to me in Northern California. I have already met him and he gave me a cool clifford book as well. I got no shots till my yearly visit to boot :).

In addition to that, I got couple of new toys an activity table and a walker. I have been using them both on regular basis as you will see in the pictures. I get up on the walker and table and and play with the different toys on there. I press buttons on the table and different music plays while on the walker there are bunch of toys that I can move.

I also have fun with my little bro. We look at each other and smile. Can't wait till he is out and about and we both can run around together.

I also went to the children's fairyland with my parents. The Children's Fairyland in Oakland is a park where they have made statues and murals of children's rhyme and storybook characters. I had a blast looking at the statues and all the animals. We also went to Chabot space and science center. I saw bunch of models of volcanoes and moon rocks etc. One of these days my parents will also take me to see the telescope there. Boy that was a fun time.

I am also eating a lot more. As you will see in some pictures I have been just loving the mangoes. I can eat them allllllllllllll the time. I am also eating bunch of other new food including spinach and rice, roti, lentils etc. Oh and needless to say I llllllllllllooooooove ice cream.

Finally my creative juices are also working out pretty well. Checkout the painting that I did on the computer at the top left of this post. Finally enjoy the picture from this month as well. My dad has figured out the video problem has to do with one of the codecs that got installed on his computer, so he will try to upload the videos from another computer in a few days.

Pics from 9th month.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pictures from 8th month

Hi Everyone,

My parents finally got some pics from 8th month up. Videos are pending until they can resolve technical difficulties between the avi files generated by our camera and picasa.

These pictures include pictures of me standing up with sofa support, eating my new and sticky finger food, and our trip to Nasa Ames exploration center.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am 8th months old

Hello Everyone,

I am back with my new interesting story. My this month's achievements... Its a whole lot. We moved to a new house in Sunnyvale. Its a big house with big play area. I crawl all over the house. I can stand up by my self holding sofa, boxes or any support. I figured out how to seat down once I am standing by myself.

Now, I am a big boy in terms of eating too. I drink my milk with sippy cup. I eat my dinner with everyone. I now seat in my high chair that Ba gave me when she was here with us. I sat in the high chair the first time on Feb 16 2009. Hey, you know I can also eat by myself. I eat cherrios, carrots,peas. First time I ate in a sweet tomatoes restaurant sitting in high chair was on Feb 21 2009. I also eat regular food like Daal, rice, maag, all types of vegetables, yogurt, ice cream, candies. My dad feeds me everything from his plate. Oh and if u make me wait on my high chair god help you because I yell and scream loudly.

I play with my hands too. I can wave figures like saying "aaw aaw". I also figure out when someone is going out based on them wearing jacket or shoes. Once I figure that out I plead to go to them. I am talking a lot more these days as well. I make also sorts of noises, but my favorite is 'ta da ta da' (you know that letter between t and d in the alphabet :)). I am also staying awake a lot more during the day.

Oh and I almost forgot. One of my teeth in the bottom gums is showing up slowly. You can also feel on next to it, but that one is still a little shy.

Finally, we don't have too many pics from this week yet, so mom and dad are uploading bunch of pics from previous months that were mia until now.

Pictures that were mia until now.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Picture pictures picture from 7th month

Hi Everyone,

Surprise surprise !! My parents finally got the pics of the 7th month uploaded. Below is the link. The pics include my visit to mommy's office, my parents' wedding anniversary celebration in new apt in bay area, and me doing different nakhara including putting my dad to sleep :). Check me out...

Addendum to 7 months old

Hi all,

I am back to add to what we said about 7 months. So why am I back. Its to add to what I said earlier about me. Let's go in opposite direction. So, toys first. I love to type on the computer now. That is my new hobby. Here is what I would like to type today...

kkk 0 OLO

Can you decode my language?. I love to play with papers too. I twist and turn them all over the place and like the noise that makes. I also try to eat the paper occasionally.
I drink water and sometimes milk with sippy cup. I also play with my milk bottle and drink milk by myself with bottle.
Now, to sleep part. I go to sleep when mommy dance with holding me in hands. Now, I am also learning to sleep by myself in lap. When I wake up, my first task is to give smile and roll over in the bed.
I like to go out. When I see somebody going out of house, (specially pappa in the morning), I want to go with him. I try to convey my message by saying eeee and showing my hands towards door and looking at the door. I also differentiate between known people and unknown people. I refuse to go with unknown face, even though that person gives me any interesting toy or tries to make me happy.
More notes later. Time to take splish, splash bath.
Will catch you soon.

I am 7 months old

Hi Everyone,

I am 7 months old now and I can do a ton of things. In addition to my super smile which I give out all day from early in the morning when I wake up all the way to at night before I fall asleep (and sometime even when I am asleep and anyone calls my name :)), I am also dragging myself. I frequently get upto my knees and elbows and rock myself. Sometimes I even get on to my palms so I can be higher. I still haven't figured out how to crawl, but I can drag myself anywhere really fast. My mom says I should be crawling in a week or so.

I can also talk a lot. I coo, yell, scream, sing, and even say 'ma', 'ba', 'da', and 'pa' occasionally. My gums are itching a lot, so I try to pick up everything and bite on it to make myself feel better. The itchiness is never ending, someone give me version 2 of the teeth. Version 1 is way to annoying to the users.

Before we go on to my favorite topic of food and toys, let me first also tell you some news. I have moved to the bay area along with my family and we are looking for houses. Soon, we should have a home and I will be able to run around all over the place. For now I am playing with mommy, ba, dada, kaki, ane Anaybhai during the days and spending time with kaka and my dad in evenings. I even took a bath once with my dada. I had a blast and so did he :). I love bathing. I splish splash water and I also laugh a lot when I take a bath.

Ok onto food. I am eating everything. I eat three meals in a deal on of rice, one veggie, and one fruit. I have tried carrots, green beans, sweet potato, dudhi, and peas in veggies. In fruits I have tried apple, banana, and pears. When everyone in my family sits down to eat, I am also eating cherrios cereal. I always ask for my share by going 'aghaghagh' until I get something. I have had a lot of yogurt, some ice cream, some cake, some rice, khichadi, even dal bhaat and bhel yummy. My dad is the one who spoils me with all the food and he gets yelled at for that all the time. Mommy gives me some stuff too, but when she feels like she wants to try something new she encourages my dad to give me food.

Aha now we are onto toys. I love all high tech toys. Tv remotes and cell phones have a special place in my heart (read mouth :)). Wires are so fun that I reach out to them from where ever I am. I used to play piano fairly regularly as well. Corners and polls are also interesting to me. So is anything new including diapers (wet or dry I don't discriminate). In our apartment I run from one end of the leaving room to another all day. Ba and mommy have to run after me all the time. Oops, I am up and ready to face new day, daddy better stop typing and come over. Ok folks bye for now misa need attention, so bye for now. See you in very near future...Oh and no pics yet as we try to get all over stuff moved, but will have some soon.