Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pictures Pictures and more Pictures

Hello everyone,

It has been a long time we are back with new photos. Ansh is 3 and half years old now. He is very good with playing blocks. In this mean time, we went to Orlando, Florida Disney world. It was so much fun. Ansh also participated in his School's Christmas program. He performed very well on the stage. He seems to be very mature than before.
Now, he is in green room - preschool room. He can write very well with connect the dots and some letters own his own. Now, he can read first and second abcd very well. He reads the boards when we go out. He is very nice with Khushi too. They both play together.

Here, are the pictures:

See Pictures of

Disney World Dec 2011

Ansh Anay Christmas Program

Miscellaneous pics

Irvine trip Labour day weekend 2011

Ba Dada Birthday 2011

Las Palmas Park 15th September 2011

Navratri 2011

Chaki Cheese with Dada and Papa Oct 4 2011

Kids being kids at home

Papa birthday 2011

Happy Hollow park Oct 2011

San Martin Pumpkin Patch Oct 2011

Monray bay Aquarium Nov 2011

Ansh Khushi happy time

Halloween 2011

Mummy Birthday and Rangoli 2011

Khushi making blocks tower

Ansh Khushi having fun

Pumpking patch 2011

Lot of pictures hmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care,

Jai Shri Krishna