Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I am 2 years old

Yes, 25th june, 2010 was my 2nd year birthday.Now, I am a big boy. We had ton of fun over my birthday. We celebrate my birthday at School, at home and at Kids Castle.
I cut the cake in my school class and I gave party to all my friends and teachers.I also gave guddie bag to all my friends at school. 25th evening we celebrate my birthday at home as well. Mummy made Sukhadi for me and I cut it.
We threw a party on 27th June at Kids catle. We played a lot there. I cut Mickey cake and ate pizza, ice cream, mix vada, bread sticks, french fries and many other stuff. My friends, teachers from my school and our relatives came to the party. Everybody said that I was looking very handsome. I wore golden birthday crown on my head.
It was fun, fun and only fun.
I went to cherry picking on 26th. There were peaches, apricot and cherry farms. I had so many fruits... every thing was yum... yum...
Other update..... I can speak everything now. I can make small sentence as well. Speaking is so much fun. Now I can express myself very easily.
Annnnnndddddddddddd....... As I am a big boy now, I moved to Other class in my school. So, now I have lot more to learn and lot more to enjoy.
I can speak 1,2,3,4,5. I can also speak a,b,c,d. I know all colors, shapes, birds, fruits and vegetables.
I love to play with 'BE BE' and Anay. Beni also likes to watch me playing.
More pictures and videos are on way.
Coming soon
Hurray!!!!!!!!!! better I go because it's my free play time at school and I would like to slide and I also wanted to do sand play...
So, stay tuned.. be back

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Playing with Beni visit to Children's discovery museum and more

Hi Everyone,

I have been doing lot of stuff. I am getting ready for my second birthday. We will be celebrating the birthday on 27th June at Kids Castle in Newark. I am excited and looking forward to it.

In the mean time I have started talking a lot more including saying hero and mummy dudhu aapo. Khushi has started playing a lot as well and I love spending time with her. I love to give her toys when she is lying down and giving her a bath.

We also made a trip to Children's discovery museum in San Jose, CA. I had soooooooo much fun playing in the water section, bubbles, and sand table. That plaaaaaaaaaaace is soooooo much fun. I even got to paint my own face with colors :). Check out the pictures and videos for more things that I did there.

My dad finally got time to upload some of the pictures from past couple months. As you can see from pics I am growing a lot and enjoying lot of different things including painting, glue work, scissor work, and bubbles.

More favorite words for last two weeks are yellow duck, yellow lot, hello, and hero. I also loooooove taking a loooooong shower and now its time for my dad to come grab me from the shower before I flood the bathroom :).