Sunday, October 25, 2009

ma,,ma, pa,,pa, ba,,ba, ya..... Now I can speak

Hey, I can speak now. I can speak Mama, Papa, Baba. I also like to say Ya. I also speak na, ha, ta,va,aap, aam. Sometimes I speak kya hai?..... Its lot more fun speaking. I am enjoying it. Oh and my youtube channel has been updated with new videos.

My new achievements

Hi everyone,

I have been going to the music class. Hureeee!!!! I go to my music class every Saturday in the morning with my mummy, daddy and sometimes with my ba, dada. I love music class. I meet with so many friends there. My teacher sings and dance and We all join her in singing and dancing. I like to play drum there. I love few songs among them. One is apples and cherries, peaches, blue berries, grapes and bananas. Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum. ... I also like ram sam sam song. I also like hot dog song. Even after coming home now I know how to start tv and how to play music. When ever I want to listen to the music and dance. I start tv and I give mummy remotes to start player. I can clap, I can move round round, I can dance with my hands, I can stump my feet. Now I understand words in my favourite cd. I show all body parts and colors when it comes in the songs.
I know all body parts. I can point head, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tong, lips, hands, eyes, legs, nails, finger tips, tops. I can also show you blue, red, green, white, yellow and black color.

Now I can relate things. There is Mickey in my sippy cup. I show that mickey and can show the mickey that mummy maid it for Diwali rangoli painting. Same for goofy. I like to explain that goofy on my sippy cup is also in my pillow. I can point to the sky to show you stars and moon.

My faourite activity is open and close the bottle cover. I also do lot of art work these days. I made 3 cards for pappa's B'day. I used colors and stickers to make those cards. THose are very pretty.

When I go for a walk with mummy everyday. I like to smell flowers, I like to show deer, dogs, squirrels, stop signs in our way.

Now I can go to bed by myself. Mummy, pappa tell me the stories or read books or sing songs and I go to bed. SO, its easy for them to make me sleep.

Dad dug up few pictures from his cell phone for this post.

My Baal Muvara after coming from India trip

Hello everybody,

I am back again with my interesting story. I had long hair when I was in India. After coming home in USA, We did my Baal Muvara. It wasn't fun at all for me. Hair cutting was done at our home, When I was taking my afternoon nap, my mummy, pappa and ba cut out my long, slky hair. Most of the time during that part, I was asleep. But when it was about to finish, I got up. After that my pappa used the hair remover machine to remove all hair from root. I was in my mummy's hand and pappa used the hair remover machine on my head. I was crying a lot. After my baal muvara, I took shower and slowly, slowly I was feeling better. Now my hair was gone. I knew that and when somebody asked me, where is your hair? I used to show him with my hands that it is gone. I was looking very smart and different after my baal muvara. You can see few of my pictures in my new cool hair in pictures from Chuckee Cheese trip.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

India trip last 3 weeks part 3

We went to Mummy's ada and bhabhu's place. We met Chituada, Madhubhabhu. I had chevado and biscuits at their place. We also went to Ashaben and Hiteshkumar's place. Ashaben is Chituada's daughter. I also met Vidhididi(Ashaben's daughter) at Ashaben's place. She took me to the nearby temple. I enjoyed with her. We also met Himanshubhai(Chituada's son), Reenabhabhi, Bansi and Parth. I had fun with all of them.

Next day we went to Mukundmama and Mamatamami's place. I had some ice cream and gaanthiya there. I also enjoyed on swing in their balcony.

In the evening we held paaranu for me at the Jalaram temple. They put me in a decorated crib and I did jj to all bhagvaan. I got woken up from middle of the sleep, so I wasn't n very happy mood. That night we went to 'Jalesh', mummy's home when growing up. I had fun running in the empty house and sitting on the hinchko.

Next morning we left Rajkot and came to Arukaka and Latakaki's place in A'bad. Haribhai came their with mama and mami as well. I had a blast running around the veranda and we enjoyed bhel and paani puri. At night we went back to Jayeshmama and ?Jigishamami's place and got together with ba. Hinumama and Hetalmami also came from Pune to meet with us. I went out with Hinumama several times to see dogs and other animals outside. It was a lot of fun.

Finally after six weeks of fun times meeting different relatives, it was time for us to come back to USA. Both mama-mami and Haribhai came to drop us off at the airport and we got on to flight from A'bad to Mumbai. The flight was relatively short and they gave us some food. From there we had a short break and Mumbai and then got on to the long flight to JFK airport in New York. The flight was 17 hours, but I stayed very good. I slept for a long time ate my food and drank milk regularly. When I was awake I played in the tiny area in front of our seats. There were also other kids near me. When we reached New York I was completely up and bored from not running. We had couple hours break and I spent that time running around the airport giving myself and mummy-pappa much needed body exercise after long time sitting. From there it was another six and half hour in flight to SFO. I slept through most of the flight.

Hetukaka came to pick us up at the SFO airport. I got to sit in my new car seat which now faces forward instead of facing back. While that's not as good as being free in the car in India, its lot safer and also let's me see everything through the windshield. When I got home I got together with Anaybhai, kaka, kaki, ba, and dada.

More on life post trip in the next post. For now my dad and mom have finally finished the India trip description (full month and half after the end of the trip), so they will take a short break.