Thursday, December 7, 2017

Poem FLOOR to FLOOR written by Ansh

Let's go to floor 1 so we can have some fun,

Let's go to floor 2 so we can go cuckoo,

Let's go to floor 3 so we can plant a tree,

Let's go to floor 4 so we don't get bore-d

Let's go to floor 5 so we can visit a bee's hive,

Let's go to floor 6 so we can eat some twix,

Let's go to floor 7 so we reach heaven,

Let's go to floor 8 so we can (celebrate / go to a state),

Let's go to floor 9 so we can get some screen time,

Let's go to floor 10 so we can visit the Big Ben. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Ansh as a writer - 'The Lunchbox Ghost' - Ansh writes his first horror story

Chapter 1:  The Ghost 

                     (Ideas generated by Rishi, Percy Jackson, Digimon, Land of stories)

                   In Jan 14th at fun camp the Lunchbox Ghost arrived.  It's name was Timmy. He made money by selling stolen food and stolen containers.  He made his first robbery in the morning.  
                   Then at lunch he took mac and cheese from a student and the school punished the student for not brining lunch to school. For dinner he at the mac and cheese that he had stolen from the student. Next morning he  at the cookies that he had stolen from the teacher whose name for sure was Ms. Evi. And her full name is Mrs. Evilen. Then at lunch the Lunchbox Ghost tried to steal spaghetti from special a DemiGod. Timmy also tried to steal Pizza from Charming a DemiGoddess. A problem was since his weakness was red he became visible and he activated the DemiGods and DemiGoddesses powers with one electric glare. The DemiGod vanquished the Ghost for 24 hours. 

Chapter 2:  The Trap

                      Special who for short was spec, charming who for short was charm and Ms. Evi  made a plan to arrest the Lunchbox Ghost. Their plan was to make a very attractive lunch box with everything red inside.  Then Timmy would be visible and they could arrest him in a red colored prison. So they put the plan into action. Next morning Ms. Evi found Timmy visible in the lunch box and she arrested him. 

Chapter 3:  The Surprise

                       Suddenly a powerful zap of lightening badly injured Charm. Spec and Ms. Evi so they fainted. 

Chapter 4:  Himmons Heeling fire

                        When they woke up they were in  a heeling fire.