Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anshbhai now Mummy, Pappa' s friend and a big brother

Hello everyone,
Anshbhai is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Oh, what Can I say.. I can just simply say, before I used to take care of him, now he takes care of me:). Yes, he do..
He helps me with shopping, cleaning, cooking and with everything. Now, he talks like a big people. He makes sentences and says lots of stuff whole day. Now he can describe what he is feeling. If his tummy is hurting, now he can say that.. My this part is hurting.
The best part I can see him is his attention span. He can do one task for like hours.
He loves to do scissor work and he can spend hours and hours with full concentration.
Same for writing. He loves to write.
Anshbhai now applies his logic in everything. Khushibeni time is his favorite time.
Anshbhai also enjoys playing with Anaybhai. Whenever I give him something to eat, he asks for beni's mum mum and first he feeds her. He gives toys to her. And if he is outside he asks one for Anyabhai and one for Khushiben and he likes to share those stuff.
Anshbhai seats on a regular chair now to eat. He brushes his teeth with tooth brush and toothpaste in the morning He takes shower with Khushibeni in the morning. He eats by himself. He drinks milk in a regular cup and in his Glasali.
Music time is his favorite time. When ever he listens to the music, he starts dancing and singing.
This year Anshbhai went for trick or treat on Halloween. He was a 'Cat Price'. He also loved to give candies to all kids who came to our house. He was so excited as he listens to the door bell 'Koik aawyu, Koik aawyu' kari ne tarat dodi jai darawaje.
He also had fun over Diwali. He made Rangoli with Mag, Daal, Rajma, Rice Flour, Colors etc.. He also did Fuljar on Diwali. He enjoyed Mummy, Pappa's birthday. He also enjoyed Anaybhai's birthday at Kids Castle.
Anshbhai had jumper time and Pumpkin patch over Halloween at School.
Anshbhai likes to wear comfort feet cloths.
He is very cute, smart and lovely boy.

Cath you later with Ansh's Progress as Khushi beni is UP

Take Care

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Its been a while

Hi folks,

Its been a long long time since I last posted. Lot has happened since then. We celebrated Rakshabandhan where Khushi and Ritika both tied raakhi to me and Anay. I don't yet understand all the significance, but I have kept both raakhis on my hand and I proudly show them. I think I will skip the responsibility that it puts on me till I get little older :).

I visited Stutididi's place in Irvine. I had sooooo much fun. I missed most of the long drive as I slept in the car. Both times my dad and grandpa drove late night so Khushi and I could sleep in the car. When we got there I immediately got along with Stutididi and had a blast with her. I played with her, read books, went in the garden, played with her toys, and just had a ton of fun. I also enjoyed spending time with Hemantfua and Diptifoi. Do checkout pictures of all of us having fun in the pictures links below.

I have been visiting the Children's discovery museum several times as we have yearly membership. I love playing in the bubbles, water play, and the sand play on the second floor. Last time I also went into older kids art area and enjoyed creating art by stamping as well.

I am also enjoying navratri a lot this time around. I get ready with zabhho and lengho and start playing with dandia even before we leave from home. I have been doing garbe and dandia till late at night. My parents have to pull me away from the action when my feet start hitting each other because I am falling asleep as I dance and I still cry to go back in. Man that stuff is fun.

Ba is in India and I miss her a lot. On the bright side she will be back in four days. Oh and did I mention I talk mile a minute.

Pappa has finally got all pictures and videos posted.

September October 2010
Youtube channel

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Two two kakas visit, potty training, and more

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since I last posted. Life has been a ton of fun. Lot of new changes excitement and the fun of growing up. I am just having a blast. I am talking a lot now. I can speak full sentences like 'This is Ansh' or 'This is ball, Ansh likes to play with ball'. Isn't that great? In last month lot has happened, so let me get started.

kakas trip
Miteshkaka and Neelaykaka came and spent a week with us. We all had a blast with them. I played with them a lot. They told me stories, we played cricket, they played volleyball around my swing, and they brought me those cool robots that I play with a lot. I love to put robots hand in their bodies to get them ready for merging from five to one robot. We all miss them a lot. Oh and I got to stay up till late as they all stayed up till late and played :).

By the way my dad says I am a budding engineer. Any time I see something I try to go see how it works and try it out for myself. The robots is a good example. The other day my dad was cleaning up excess water from bathroom sync and I kept looking to see what he was doing below the sync :).

I love to do stories. I still read books with everyone, but I do stories regularly with Pappa. I do them so often that I can tell 90% of the story myself. We always sit in the big green chair. I sit in pappa's lap. Here is my favorite one.

Pappa: Chaalo Ansh doshima story kariye..
Ansh: Doshima story Doshima ma story...
Pappa: Ek hata..
Ansh: Doshima
Pappa: Doshima kya rehata hata?
Ansh: Jungle paase, big dark jungle paase
Pappa: Ane doshima no dikaro kya raheto hato?
Ansh: biji side.. ahi doshima nu ghar, ahi dikara nu ghar, ane vache jungle..
Pappa: Doshima ne to dikara ne ghare javu hatu etle e ghare thi nikalya ane kevu chaale..
Ansh: Thichuk Thichuk.. Thichuk Thichuk..
Pappa: Pachhi doshima ne jungle ma kaun malyu?
Ansh: big bad wolf
Pappa: Big bad wolf e doshima ne shu kahyu?
Ansh: Doshi doshi hu tane khaau
Pappa: pachhi doshima e shu kahyu?
Dikarane gher java de
Tel ne chola khaava de
taaji maaji thaava de
pachhi mane khaaje
Pappa: pachhi wolf e shu kahyu
Ansh: Ok
Pappa: pachhi doshima kevu chaalava maandya?
Ansh: thichuk Thichuk
.... pachhi doshima ne ame lion, tiger, big bear, and crocodile pan malaviye. Ansh ne to khub maja pade. Ansh pachhi biji stories pan saambhale. Seven dwarfs, yellow duck big, be bilaadi ne vaandaro, and magar ne vaandraa ni vaarta pan Ansh ne game.

Ansh ne khub badhi rhymes pan have aavade chhe. Twinkle Twinkle little star ane ba ba blackship to Ansh aakhi gaay chhe. Mary had a little lamb, ringa ringa roses vagere pan e khub gaay chhe. Gujarati ma e tametu re tametu, vaarata re vaarata pan gaay chhe. Hindi ma ame akkad bakkad bombay go pan khub gayiye chhe. Ansh can now count from 1 to 20 in english, upto seven in spanish, ane upto five in hindi and gujarati. Ansh can tell all shapes and can sing entire abcd by himself.

Major news.. Ansh has been doing great in getting potty trained. He pees in the potty regularly in the morning and in the evening. He is even pooing in the potty in evening. He is also wearing pullups at school instead of diapers. Yaay yaay...

Pictures from June-July 2010
Pictures from July-August 2010
Pictures from Mitesh-Neelaykaka's visit 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ansh is almost 25 months old

Hi Everyone,

Ansh has been doing really great. He has moved to Yellow room in his day care and is really loving it there. He loves the playground with all the cool cars and cycles. He is also singing lot more songs both with his teachers at day care and at home. He is also enjoying waterplay at school once a week.

Ansh has also been loving going to swim over the weekend. In first two weeks of summer he spent whopping 6 hours in the pool including 3 hours on July 4th. He loves to just hang around in the water especially in the areas where his feet can reach the bottom.

Ansh is also doing more with Khushi. He loves to help mommy with her diaper changes by setting up diaper changing station, getting diapers, and getting wet clothes to clean her up. He has also been helping Khushi take a bath by messaging her before bath and pouring water in the bath. Ansh also loves to put books and Toys around Khushi when she is lying around. He also tells Khushi "No Crying, hamana ghar aavashe" or "No crying hamana dudhu aavashe" or "No crying hamana lucky aavashe".

Ansh loves to spend time in the evening with everyone in the family. He loves tor ead books with Ba, play with Anaybhai, and run around with Dada, kaka, and kaki. Ansh also loves to listen to stories and songs with mummy or pappa in the evenings.

Oh and his favorite way to sleep this month is with "Big hinchakaa" (big swings :)).

Ansh B'day gift opening at home
Father's day kite flying at day care
Father's day celebration at home
Khushi 4th month


Monday, July 5, 2010

B'day pics

Here is link to my bday pics that my kaka put up.

B'day Pictures

I went Cherrypicking with Anaybhai, Ba, Dada, Kaki, and Kaka day after my bday. Here are pictures from that trip.
Cherry Picking Pictures
Lot more pictures and videos coming soon.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I am 2 years old

Yes, 25th june, 2010 was my 2nd year birthday.Now, I am a big boy. We had ton of fun over my birthday. We celebrate my birthday at School, at home and at Kids Castle.
I cut the cake in my school class and I gave party to all my friends and teachers.I also gave guddie bag to all my friends at school. 25th evening we celebrate my birthday at home as well. Mummy made Sukhadi for me and I cut it.
We threw a party on 27th June at Kids catle. We played a lot there. I cut Mickey cake and ate pizza, ice cream, mix vada, bread sticks, french fries and many other stuff. My friends, teachers from my school and our relatives came to the party. Everybody said that I was looking very handsome. I wore golden birthday crown on my head.
It was fun, fun and only fun.
I went to cherry picking on 26th. There were peaches, apricot and cherry farms. I had so many fruits... every thing was yum... yum...
Other update..... I can speak everything now. I can make small sentence as well. Speaking is so much fun. Now I can express myself very easily.
Annnnnndddddddddddd....... As I am a big boy now, I moved to Other class in my school. So, now I have lot more to learn and lot more to enjoy.
I can speak 1,2,3,4,5. I can also speak a,b,c,d. I know all colors, shapes, birds, fruits and vegetables.
I love to play with 'BE BE' and Anay. Beni also likes to watch me playing.
More pictures and videos are on way.
Coming soon
Hurray!!!!!!!!!! better I go because it's my free play time at school and I would like to slide and I also wanted to do sand play...
So, stay tuned.. be back

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Playing with Beni visit to Children's discovery museum and more

Hi Everyone,

I have been doing lot of stuff. I am getting ready for my second birthday. We will be celebrating the birthday on 27th June at Kids Castle in Newark. I am excited and looking forward to it.

In the mean time I have started talking a lot more including saying hero and mummy dudhu aapo. Khushi has started playing a lot as well and I love spending time with her. I love to give her toys when she is lying down and giving her a bath.

We also made a trip to Children's discovery museum in San Jose, CA. I had soooooooo much fun playing in the water section, bubbles, and sand table. That plaaaaaaaaaaace is soooooo much fun. I even got to paint my own face with colors :). Check out the pictures and videos for more things that I did there.

My dad finally got time to upload some of the pictures from past couple months. As you can see from pics I am growing a lot and enjoying lot of different things including painting, glue work, scissor work, and bubbles.

More favorite words for last two weeks are yellow duck, yellow lot, hello, and hero. I also loooooove taking a loooooong shower and now its time for my dad to come grab me from the shower before I flood the bathroom :).

Sunday, May 23, 2010

More talking

Ansh can also say Iya, more, hello, and robo :). He is adding new words to his list every day. We are also starting to look at his 2nd birthday party places. We have a few places in mind and we hope it will be really enjoyable for Ansh.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Speaking is fun

Hello Everybody, So glad to see you...

Hey I am back. Today I am here to let you know my progress. Now I can speak lot more words.
I can speak dudhu, dava, Ghi, Bahu Bahu, Dog, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Laal, Moon, Ball, Bubble,Bowl, Soap, Bhoo, Turtle, Oval, Wheel, Mooo Mooo, Aavo, Aav, Aap, Aapo, Mummy, Mumma, Pappa, Beeee, Ba, Dada, Kaka, Taap Taap, Bhabhi, Aabhi, Babo,BAba, Baby, Bebe, Aam, Naam, Mee, A, Ya, Yup, Yes, No, Na, Oh Wow, No Way, O O,This, Eye, Eat,Ear, Lalo, Lalala,Aaaaaaa, ai, ee, Pop,Pai Pai, Tal,Dot Dot,Hello, Mum Mum,Dhamal(Mamal),Pi pi,Poo Poo, Pa Pai Pi,Bha bhai bhi,Blah,Ta Ta, Apple, Duck, Dabbo....and lot more

Now I can combine two words and can speak as a sentence.

e.g. Baba Dog, Mumma Aapo, Dudhu Aapo.

Now I can blow bubbles by myself. I am a very good painter. I make lot of cards with colors and stickers. I have made so many things at my school. Flower, Cap, Letterbox, Mothers day card, Cloth clip, Crown, many paintings.
I am having lot of fun at school. I look forward to go to school.

I love to play with bat- ball. I am very fond of music. When ever I hear music, I start dancing immediately. Now I can turn my back and put my both hands on floor and I can kick my one leg.

I also love to write. I take my pen and book and I write for a long long time. I can easily pass more than half an hour in writing without looking to anyone.

I like to play with BeBe(Khushi). I start honey pot for her. I start mickey toy for her. I open books and put those in front of her so she can look.

Do you know I am also a good cook. :) The day before yesterday I made 'Roti' by myself. It was round in shape.(Not like map :)). I also help out mummy while she cooks food. I help out with making maggie, pasta, chatani. I also know how to make lemon juice. I also like to water the plants. I like to put clothes in washer and dryer to wash. I also like to arrange spoons from dish washer.

I love to listen to new stories from story books.

I am gonna be 23 months old in few days. My 2nd year birthday is coming soon...... So, better I go to sleep now because tomorrow I have to do some preparation for my 2nd year birthday.

Good night. Jai Shri Krishna

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am 22 months old

Hello everyone,
How are you all?Busy hmmm... I am back with my updated story. Now I am a big boy.. 22 months old. Just 2 months left for 2 years. Let me tell you my whole day routine. I get up around 8 o'clock in the morning.First of all I take 'JE JE' from Kano and Hanummandada and I give it to Khushi. I call her 'Be Be'. After that I seat in a potty. I pi in a potty.Now its a bath time. I go to bathroom to take shower. I love to take shower by myself. Once Mummy or Pappa gives me a bath with dudh and chanano lot, I take shower by myself for a while. After taking shower I have my breakfast. I eat dudh and cereal, toast, barbie rotie, rasin bread, maggie etc. I do play time with 'Be Be' once I am done with breakfast. I start mickey mouse toy for her that she likes very much. I also put books in front of her so she can see. I also play rattle or Khanjari for her. I say 'No No Na' when she cries. I get ready to go to school. I give hug and kissies to mummy, I do vali vali to Beni, I blow kissie and wave good bye to Anaybhai, Kaka and Kaki. I take 'Je Je' from JeJe wala. I go to school with Pappa. I give Pappa a big hug and I wave good bye to him once I reach to school. When I reach to school generally its an outside play time. I like to play with ball and sand play. We come inside and do some circle time. Then we take lunch. There is nap time after lunch. After taking nap its an artwork time. It is my favorite time. My teacher says I am very good in artwork. There is snack time after that. And again there is outside play time. Dada comes to pick me up from school around 4 O' clock. I come home and play with Mumma, Beni, Anaybhai, Kaki and Dada. I like to walk on a trade mill machine. I also love to play Cricket with Mumma. I also like my sticker time, painting time and my writing time. I have my book,pen and desk. I also love to dance on music. I take my dinner around 6.45 pm. I help mumma to change beni's diaper. I set up changing station for her. I give mumma diaper and diaper rash cream for her. I also set up changing station, blankie and malish tel for beni when Ba and Mumma give her bath. I also pick body lotion for her. I sometimes pick her clothes. I play with everyone in the house. I also like to watch nursery rhymes on computer. I go to bed around 10.30 - 11.00. I drink milk in mumma's lap and I go to bed. This is my Monday to Friday routine. Saturday I go to music class. That is my favorite part.
Now I can speak lot more words. I speak Mumma, Pappa, Mummy, Me, Ba, Dada, BeBe, Babo, PiPi, Oh Wow,No No, Na, Ya, No Way, Abhi, Bhabhi, Bhabhaibhi, Paipai, Lala, Naam,Aap, Taptap, O O,Blue, Aam, A A etc.
Food: I like cheese, sweets, all fruits, vegetables, jira mitha walu danhi, rotali, daal, bhat, stuffed paratha, pasta, mac and cheese, pauwa bateta, spinach dhokali, idali, dhoso, burrito etc.
I like to do tofan masti with Pappa and I like to be cuddled with mummy. I love to play with Bebe. I give a big smile when somebody takes my picture. Mumma says I am very emotional. Now I have 16 teeth. 8 on the upper side and 8 on the lower side.
There is lot more to pen but let me call it a night as its 11.35 pm.Better I go to bed. Have fun and good bye.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lots happening

Hi Everyone,

Ansh's life has been put into fast lane in last couple weeks. To start with Ba had a week off, so Ansh got to spend a ton of time with her. Ba dropped him to school and often accompanied Dada to pick Ansh up from school. During the week there was also Easter party at Ansh' school and ba accompanied Ansh for that. Ansh had a blast finding eggs, wearing a crown, and seeing a bunny :). Do check out pictures to see it for yourselves. Overall, Ansh has adjusted really nicely at day care and now he is looking forward to going every morning. Ansh has also been doing lot of artwork at school including a caterpillar and a noisy bottle.

Ansh is also taking lot of care of his sister. He helps his parents by bringing his sister's diapers, vitamin drops, massaging oil, and cloths. Ansh also keeps a watch over his sister and yells "No no na" when his sister starts to cry. He is also learning to share mom and is doing really well adjusting to that as well

Last week Ansh also had visit from Stutididi, Hemantfua, and Diptifoi. Ansh had a blast with them. He spent a lot of time with all of them. He played with Stutididi, sang song, did artwork, and danced. Fua and foi read him books and played with ball with him. Stutididi also brought him a ton of gifts, cloths, toys, books, everything :). Unfortunately, the trip was over sooooooon. Ansh is looking forward to spending more time with them soon.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pro pictures

Kem chho badha? Jalasa ma ne?

I have a treat for you today. We had got Ansh's pictures taken by professional photographers in India and at JCPenney portrait studio. Here are scans of the pictures.

India pro pictures.
JcPenney pro pictures.

Lot has been happening since Ansh's last post. Ansh has really been enjoying a lot at his day care and is becoming involved lot more with his sister. More on all that with new pictures coming soon.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ansh's 22nd month

My 22nd month has been busy with a ton of stuff happening. If you haven't checked out already look up my sister's blog where I am blogging for her.

In terms of my own life, I have been fighting with pink eye, cough, cold entire winter and I am happy that warm weather has moved in :). I am also learning to speak more words, its still bit of a struggle, but I am improving everyday. I have also adjusted nicely at the day care. I help my teachers and play with my friends. I enjoy the outdoor time and also enjoy the circle and art times.

My second semester of music class just ended today and I enjoyed it throughly. I now copy dance moves from my teacher and I am also super excited about going to music class on Saturday mornings. At home I am learning to use my new potty. I am working using it full time.

I am also very careful around my sister and also take a lot of care of her. I give jay jay to her in the morning, give her toys, and also cover her with blanket if she is cold. I tell her "no no na" when she cries. She actually listens to me, which is pretty cool.

As my dad has been home for two weeks, we have spent a lot of time together. We go and see the oranges, flowers on strawberry bushes, leaves on banana, apricot, and grape trees every day. We run around in the backyard and frontyard. Life is pretty fun. Well I must go eat before Khushi wakes up, so I can spend some time with mommy dear. Don't forget to check out pictures. As usual videos are on my dad's youtube channel.

Pics part 1.
Pics part 2.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Khushi's first pics

More pics

lil baby countdown has started

Mommy and daddy went to hospital at abt 9pm on march 3rd 2010. Drs checked mommy at abt 9:45pm and she was 8cm dilated. Way to go mommy and lil baby. Mommy and daddy told me that I get my baby bro/sis soon.

As of 12:45 the baby is still giving farewell to mommy's tummy. Mommy is asleep with epidural. She is still bit uncomfortable and nauseated, but all is well so far.

Daddy is too excited to sleep, so he is typing away. Stay tuned for updates.

4:20am, still waiting. The bag of water was broken at 3:20 in hopes of getting baby out quicker. Contractions are getting closer. Mommy still getting good sleep. Daddy caught abt hr of sleep as well.

Khushi thakkar arrived at 6:09am on march 4th. She weighs 8 lb 1.3 oz and is 20 inches long. Both mom and baby are doing great.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ansh 20th month

Hi everyone,

Here is another episode in Ansh's life. I have big big big big news!! I can't wait. And the new is....drum roll... I am going to be a big brother pretty much any day now :). We don't know if I am getting little sister or little brother, but I am ok with either. Due date for new baby is March 12th, but the doctor's say he/she should come any day.

I am taking good care of my mommy. I give her prenatals everyday. I bring them from the cupboard, give her the medicine in her mouth, give her water, then go put the prenatals bottle back in the cupboard. I am also giving je je to my baby brother/sister everday too.

In terms of my life, things haven't changed much. Mommy has been in bed rest for past month or so. I get up between 7:45-8:15 and eat my breakfast. I eat some combination of milk, cereal, raisin bread, maggie, and cookies for breakfast. Then, I take shower. I love taking shower by myself, when I am done I tell pappa to put the shower back in its holder. Then, I get ready and pappa and I leave in the car. I wave mommy good bye. Pappa drops me off at the day care. I carry my lunch box into the day care. I cry a bit when pappa goes, but I am ok after couple minutes.

I do lot of fun stuff at day care, including playing outside in the play yard, doing art, cricle time where we do music and stories, and eat on the table with all my friends. I also take my afternoon nap at the day care. I fall asleep lot more easily there on most days. After I wake up I do my afternoon art and snack. Around 3:30 grandpa comes to pick me up. Some times mommy comes with him too. I go to the car and eat more food usually some crackers or my leftover lunch.

Once I come home I go in the backyard and play. I like to kick the ball and do the lassarpatti. Its lot of fun. In the evening I have fun in the house with everyone. Usually we play lot of our music and me and Anay do some art or toy play. Some time our dads play cricket in the house. We like to play with them. I throw the ball and some times even bat with them. Anay bats with them too.

At night I ask mommy to feed me milk before I go to sleep. I like my mommy or daddy talking to me or rubbing my back as I fall asleep.

My 20th Month pictures include me wearing my dad's tshirt and bunch of pictures from toy stores and kid rides.

Lot of new videos are also in my channel. If you haven't checked out already, check out my 18-24 months playlist of videos. Most of the new videos are from my music class where we all go and have fun.

Watch out for the next announcement...more than likely announcing me being older brother...

Friday, January 22, 2010

I am 19 months old - Part 2

Hello everyone,.
I am back with new story. Are you ready to read?... Let's start. Now I am a big boy. I do lot of things by myself.
I can eat food with fork and spoon by myself. I drink juice, water, milk by myself with sippy cup. Once I am done eating, I saw with my both hands that I am done. I clean up my plate. I like to wash and dry my hands by myself. I love all vegetables and fruits a lot. I also like yogurt with salt and jiru. I also like rasin bread, cookies and sweets. I also like papad.
I love to scribble with sketch pens on a paper. Once I come home from school, first thing I do is.. I take my table, sketch pens, paper and start scribbling. I also like to play with bat and ball. I love to kick the ball. I also like to play in ball pit with balls. I also like to make tower with blocks. I like to make jungle with animals and trees. I also play with Zoo toy, jeep and car.
My hobbies:
Art work:
You can't believe but I am very good at art work. I like to do painting with water colors, sketch pens. I also use brush and different things like cucumber, brocolli etc for my painting. I also like sticker time.
I am a big fan of music. Once you start music, I start enjoying it and I dance with songs. Some are my favourite cds. My music class cd, Kids rhyms cd, and its a final count down song, 12 days of christmas, lakadi ki kathi, chicken dance and many more.

Now, I like to dress and undress by myself. Mumma, helps a little but, I try to do it by my own. I take shower by my self. I love to take shower. When I get up in the morning, first thing I want to do is to take shower by myself.
Words I speak:
I can speak mumma, papa, ba, dada, NO, Ya, O O, ta ta. Sometimes I also speak Mummy, Pi Pi, Pai, Po, Aam, Aaw. I am trying to speak more and more words.

I am comfortable at school as well. I play with my teachers and friends, I do music and art time, I also take lunch and nap there.
These days my stranger anxiety is reduced a lot. I give hi-fi to everyone. I also blow kissies and do Je-Je, give hug to my teacher and friends before coming home from school.
I am a happy baby. I have 15 teeth in my mouth.
I am very emotional baby too. When I see, somebody speically mummy is not feeling well. I seat beside her. I hug her, kiss her and stay with her until she feels better.
I also go to my music class every Saturday. I love to read books too. Now, I can read books by myself. I like to dance on twinkle twinkle, Etsy-bitsy spider, Wheels on the bus go round and round, Antar Mantar Jantar, Snap that monkey, 5 little babies sleeping on the bed.. roll over, 5 little monkies jumpiing on the bed, Jiraf ni to dok lambi......

I like to put vessels in dishwasher. I can climb on sofa. I can climb down from bed.

Lot more to write,... but time to go to play... Will catch you soon...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ansh 19th month

Hello Everybody so glad to see you,
Hello everybody we are so glad to seeeeeeee you...

My 19th month has been full of events. I have started to enjoy my day care center. I get up around 8am, take a shower, eat my breakfast, and then reach the day care center at about 9:30. I don't like being dropped off, but I forget about that in a few minutes and start having fun.

First half hour is typically music or play dough time. I like that a lot. Then, all the kids eat breakfast. As I have already had my breakfast at home, I keep playing. Then, my favorite part of the day as we go out to play in the sand. There are several play structures and I play on them with other kids. Sometimes we just play with a ball. I like kicking the ball its pretty fun. Once we come back, we do another circle time where the teacher goes through a story on the black board. I already know actions for several stories/poems so I do them with the teacher. I like Twinkle Twinkle little star and itcy wincy spider songs.

Then, we sit on our dining table and eat lunch that we bring from home. So far I am not eating all that well, but I plan to improve on that soon. After lunch its nap time. Sleeping is a mixed bag for me. For couple days I was sleeping well, but couple days I couldn't sleep. Mommy comes and picks me up between 3-3:30pm.

I am also getting more independent and I play by myself a lot more. Nano Anay, kaka, and kaki badha atyaare india ma chhe and I miss them. Foi-Fua were with us for a while and I enjoyed their company. I played ball with both of them, read books, and did song and dance.

I am also starting to speak little more now. I have learned to say ya and na and no. I also say really cute and I also got my first haircut at barbershop. It was not a fun experience, but I do admit I like my shorter hair. I look dashing in the military cut. I am building lot more structures as well. At school and at home I am doing lot more artwork. Once of these days my dad will scan some of my masterpieces and put them up online.

I am also eating more fruits. I like pears, strawberries, and grapes. I also like eating walnuts. I am also doing bunch of other stuff, but pappa is going to leave upto mommy to type up some of them.

My dad managed to upload 19th month pictures. The videos will be updated on my youtube channel soon.