Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anshbhai now Mummy, Pappa' s friend and a big brother

Hello everyone,
Anshbhai is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Oh, what Can I say.. I can just simply say, before I used to take care of him, now he takes care of me:). Yes, he do..
He helps me with shopping, cleaning, cooking and with everything. Now, he talks like a big people. He makes sentences and says lots of stuff whole day. Now he can describe what he is feeling. If his tummy is hurting, now he can say that.. My this part is hurting.
The best part I can see him is his attention span. He can do one task for like hours.
He loves to do scissor work and he can spend hours and hours with full concentration.
Same for writing. He loves to write.
Anshbhai now applies his logic in everything. Khushibeni time is his favorite time.
Anshbhai also enjoys playing with Anaybhai. Whenever I give him something to eat, he asks for beni's mum mum and first he feeds her. He gives toys to her. And if he is outside he asks one for Anyabhai and one for Khushiben and he likes to share those stuff.
Anshbhai seats on a regular chair now to eat. He brushes his teeth with tooth brush and toothpaste in the morning He takes shower with Khushibeni in the morning. He eats by himself. He drinks milk in a regular cup and in his Glasali.
Music time is his favorite time. When ever he listens to the music, he starts dancing and singing.
This year Anshbhai went for trick or treat on Halloween. He was a 'Cat Price'. He also loved to give candies to all kids who came to our house. He was so excited as he listens to the door bell 'Koik aawyu, Koik aawyu' kari ne tarat dodi jai darawaje.
He also had fun over Diwali. He made Rangoli with Mag, Daal, Rajma, Rice Flour, Colors etc.. He also did Fuljar on Diwali. He enjoyed Mummy, Pappa's birthday. He also enjoyed Anaybhai's birthday at Kids Castle.
Anshbhai had jumper time and Pumpkin patch over Halloween at School.
Anshbhai likes to wear comfort feet cloths.
He is very cute, smart and lovely boy.

Cath you later with Ansh's Progress as Khushi beni is UP

Take Care

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