Saturday, May 30, 2009

11 months old and growing...

Hi Everyone,

I am 11 months old now. I have ton to report, so let me get started without further wait. Oh before I begin, an advertisement for my youtube channel where you can see plenty of my videos (As of last count I believe we got to over 65 videos). Here is my youtube channel.

Trips and other events

Katha and havan at our new home:
We had Gayatri havan and Satyanarayan Katha at our new home. It was lot of fun. I dressed up as Lord Krishna. I did all vidhi with my parents. Everyone was surprised that I was seating quietly and participating in all puja with my parents. We had many family friends at home during puja. You can watch the pictures to see all the guests.

Trip to Hanumaan Temple and Buddha temple with my mummy,daddy, Tithi, Rushika, Kalpanmama and Vaibhavimami:
I had been to Hanumaan temple and Buddha temple. It was pretty nice experience as Tithi and Rushika are little elder than my age. So, I had fun with them. Temples were pretty with meditation center and Yoga center. We spent whole day together. In the evening we went to a park near their home.

Trip to Yosemite with Jigneshmasa and Nidhimasi
This month was full of tours and events. So, I was pretty busy. I had a blast when Nidhimasi and Jigneshmasa came to see us from Minisota. I has so much fun with them. I, Mummy, Pappa, Nidhimasi and Jigneshmasa had been to Yosemite National park. This was my first long trip after I got over 7 months. But I had fun in the car with everyone. Yosemite national park is an amazing place to go. There were 10 - 15 big water falls in the park. Trees were so big that in one tree trunk 10 people can easily stand on one side and trees were really tall. I enjoyed splashing with daddy in one Yosemite river. Natural view was also amazing as mountains covered with snow, valley, water falls everything was together. We stayed there for 2 days.

Nidhimasi gave me bath and also made cheerios bracelet for me. I ate all cheerios from my bracelet :). Jigneshmasa gave me strawberries and played a lot with me. I miss them now as they went back to Minnesota.

Things I do

I do lot of new stuff. I was speaking mamama, papapa, dadada, bababa, tatata. But, now I can also speak cutcutcut, light, aap. Now, I understand everything. When mummy ask me to show Jeje wala, I point my finger to God's picture. When somebody asks me to give them somethinng, I can do that. When I heard bird voice or Plane voice, I show mummy that voice is coming from here. I love to water plants with my mummy. I walk with my walker and Jeep everywhere. Now I have preference with books. Whatever I want to read I give it to mummy. These days I spend most of my time with mummy. So, whenever mummy is around I would like to go to her.

My 6th teeth finally came out. I had fever for few days because of that, but now I am alright. So, now I have 3 teeth on upper side and 3 on lower side. I love to brush my teeth. I have my own brush. When Pappa is brushing his teeth. I would love to help him out with brushing. When I am feeling etching in my mouth because of teeth, I would like to bite something.

I like to play with musical and interactive toys much. I would also love to spend time in the backyard with my mommy. I also like to watch Anay play. I often play with him or pat him gently.

Eating habits

I am eating everything just like a big boy. I would like to eat subway, pizza just like adults. I love strawberries, blue berries, cherries, banana, mango. So, all fruits. I also eat angel hair pasta. I love to eat toast with milk. Rice crisp cereal with milk. I also like bread, roti, khichadi, daal, bhat, all vegetables, yogurt and what not. I eat by my self. I can also convey the message whatever I want to pass on. If I want to eat strawberries, I would show it to mummy from my fruits and vegetables book and I convey that I want to eat strawberries.


Now, bath time. Splashy splashy is my favorite time. When I am in the bath tub, I do splashy splashy a lot. I also took bubbles bath, but I didn't like it much.

As I understand and recognize things, I afraid of few toys which have vibrate motion. I go slowly to new people.

And very important thing - I am turning 12 months - 1 year old on next 25th, So I am throwing my B'day party. Its on 20th June, 2009. Its in the Serra Park, Sunnyvale. You all are invited. We will have tons of fun. Cake, games and what not...... so see you there. I gtg to prepare for the party

Ansh 11th month general pictures
Pictures from Masa Masi's trip part 1
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Pictures from Ba Dada's anniversary

Pictures from my 11 month B'day party