Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ansh is almost 25 months old

Hi Everyone,

Ansh has been doing really great. He has moved to Yellow room in his day care and is really loving it there. He loves the playground with all the cool cars and cycles. He is also singing lot more songs both with his teachers at day care and at home. He is also enjoying waterplay at school once a week.

Ansh has also been loving going to swim over the weekend. In first two weeks of summer he spent whopping 6 hours in the pool including 3 hours on July 4th. He loves to just hang around in the water especially in the areas where his feet can reach the bottom.

Ansh is also doing more with Khushi. He loves to help mommy with her diaper changes by setting up diaper changing station, getting diapers, and getting wet clothes to clean her up. He has also been helping Khushi take a bath by messaging her before bath and pouring water in the bath. Ansh also loves to put books and Toys around Khushi when she is lying around. He also tells Khushi "No Crying, hamana ghar aavashe" or "No crying hamana dudhu aavashe" or "No crying hamana lucky aavashe".

Ansh loves to spend time in the evening with everyone in the family. He loves tor ead books with Ba, play with Anaybhai, and run around with Dada, kaka, and kaki. Ansh also loves to listen to stories and songs with mummy or pappa in the evenings.

Oh and his favorite way to sleep this month is with "Big hinchakaa" (big swings :)).

Ansh B'day gift opening at home
Father's day kite flying at day care
Father's day celebration at home
Khushi 4th month


Monday, July 5, 2010

B'day pics

Here is link to my bday pics that my kaka put up.

B'day Pictures

I went Cherrypicking with Anaybhai, Ba, Dada, Kaki, and Kaka day after my bday. Here are pictures from that trip.
Cherry Picking Pictures
Lot more pictures and videos coming soon.