Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am 22 months old

Hello everyone,
How are you all?Busy hmmm... I am back with my updated story. Now I am a big boy.. 22 months old. Just 2 months left for 2 years. Let me tell you my whole day routine. I get up around 8 o'clock in the morning.First of all I take 'JE JE' from Kano and Hanummandada and I give it to Khushi. I call her 'Be Be'. After that I seat in a potty. I pi in a potty.Now its a bath time. I go to bathroom to take shower. I love to take shower by myself. Once Mummy or Pappa gives me a bath with dudh and chanano lot, I take shower by myself for a while. After taking shower I have my breakfast. I eat dudh and cereal, toast, barbie rotie, rasin bread, maggie etc. I do play time with 'Be Be' once I am done with breakfast. I start mickey mouse toy for her that she likes very much. I also put books in front of her so she can see. I also play rattle or Khanjari for her. I say 'No No Na' when she cries. I get ready to go to school. I give hug and kissies to mummy, I do vali vali to Beni, I blow kissie and wave good bye to Anaybhai, Kaka and Kaki. I take 'Je Je' from JeJe wala. I go to school with Pappa. I give Pappa a big hug and I wave good bye to him once I reach to school. When I reach to school generally its an outside play time. I like to play with ball and sand play. We come inside and do some circle time. Then we take lunch. There is nap time after lunch. After taking nap its an artwork time. It is my favorite time. My teacher says I am very good in artwork. There is snack time after that. And again there is outside play time. Dada comes to pick me up from school around 4 O' clock. I come home and play with Mumma, Beni, Anaybhai, Kaki and Dada. I like to walk on a trade mill machine. I also love to play Cricket with Mumma. I also like my sticker time, painting time and my writing time. I have my book,pen and desk. I also love to dance on music. I take my dinner around 6.45 pm. I help mumma to change beni's diaper. I set up changing station for her. I give mumma diaper and diaper rash cream for her. I also set up changing station, blankie and malish tel for beni when Ba and Mumma give her bath. I also pick body lotion for her. I sometimes pick her clothes. I play with everyone in the house. I also like to watch nursery rhymes on computer. I go to bed around 10.30 - 11.00. I drink milk in mumma's lap and I go to bed. This is my Monday to Friday routine. Saturday I go to music class. That is my favorite part.
Now I can speak lot more words. I speak Mumma, Pappa, Mummy, Me, Ba, Dada, BeBe, Babo, PiPi, Oh Wow,No No, Na, Ya, No Way, Abhi, Bhabhi, Bhabhaibhi, Paipai, Lala, Naam,Aap, Taptap, O O,Blue, Aam, A A etc.
Food: I like cheese, sweets, all fruits, vegetables, jira mitha walu danhi, rotali, daal, bhat, stuffed paratha, pasta, mac and cheese, pauwa bateta, spinach dhokali, idali, dhoso, burrito etc.
I like to do tofan masti with Pappa and I like to be cuddled with mummy. I love to play with Bebe. I give a big smile when somebody takes my picture. Mumma says I am very emotional. Now I have 16 teeth. 8 on the upper side and 8 on the lower side.
There is lot more to pen but let me call it a night as its 11.35 pm.Better I go to bed. Have fun and good bye.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lots happening

Hi Everyone,

Ansh's life has been put into fast lane in last couple weeks. To start with Ba had a week off, so Ansh got to spend a ton of time with her. Ba dropped him to school and often accompanied Dada to pick Ansh up from school. During the week there was also Easter party at Ansh' school and ba accompanied Ansh for that. Ansh had a blast finding eggs, wearing a crown, and seeing a bunny :). Do check out pictures to see it for yourselves. Overall, Ansh has adjusted really nicely at day care and now he is looking forward to going every morning. Ansh has also been doing lot of artwork at school including a caterpillar and a noisy bottle.

Ansh is also taking lot of care of his sister. He helps his parents by bringing his sister's diapers, vitamin drops, massaging oil, and cloths. Ansh also keeps a watch over his sister and yells "No no na" when his sister starts to cry. He is also learning to share mom and is doing really well adjusting to that as well

Last week Ansh also had visit from Stutididi, Hemantfua, and Diptifoi. Ansh had a blast with them. He spent a lot of time with all of them. He played with Stutididi, sang song, did artwork, and danced. Fua and foi read him books and played with ball with him. Stutididi also brought him a ton of gifts, cloths, toys, books, everything :). Unfortunately, the trip was over sooooooon. Ansh is looking forward to spending more time with them soon.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pro pictures

Kem chho badha? Jalasa ma ne?

I have a treat for you today. We had got Ansh's pictures taken by professional photographers in India and at JCPenney portrait studio. Here are scans of the pictures.

India pro pictures.
JcPenney pro pictures.

Lot has been happening since Ansh's last post. Ansh has really been enjoying a lot at his day care and is becoming involved lot more with his sister. More on all that with new pictures coming soon.