Thursday, July 31, 2008

Monday July 28th- Thrusday July 31st: Fun with mommy

These days pass so fast. I have some random notes of things I did during these four days.

I also had another incident of mystery ghost grabbing my hair and pulling. I kept pulling the hair harder and harder and crying. Mommy tried to get me to let go, but it took a little while.

I also like my thermal receiving blanket a lot. I sleep a lot more and with peace wrapped in it. I also like to be cuddled and in between people when I sleep. I peek every once in a while and make sure that mommy and daddy are on either side of me and then fall asleep again.

I also understand when someone talks to me. When mommy says I am going to go wash my hands so I will put you down, I stay quite for a little while and wait for her to get back and pick me up. I also wait for food when I am told its coming in a minute. Of course if it takes longer I cry.

I can copy mommy's hand movements now. When she makes a fist and pulls her arm upward, I copy the movement and make a fist and move my arm upwards.

Now my height has increased so much that my legs and back fall off my sleep positioner. So, we put a pillow under my legs. I also like to play with my crib toys. I knock them around with my hands. I also do the same with toys in my gym.

Monday, July 28, 2008

First month Birthday celebreation videos

First Month B'day celebration part 1

First Month B'day celebration part 2

First Month celebration part 3

Sunday, July 27, 2008

First month videos part 4

Out on patio part 1

Out on patio part 2

Out on patio part 3

Playing with Dada

Playing with pappa

Playing with mommy

Playing in my gym again

Playing in the gym part 2

Playing in the bouncer

First month videos part 3

Eating with kaki

Playing in my gym part 1

Playing in my gym part 2

First month b'day videos part 2

Playing with dada day 4

Playing with mommy day 4 part 1

Playing with mommy day 4 part 2

Taking a bath with ba and playing with pappa

Playing with pappa part 2

My room part 1

My room part 2

Tel malish and nahi nahi with ba part 1 & 2

Birthday weekend (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday)

Friday was my first month birthday!!! Happy Birthday to Dear Ansh cha cha cha!!!

Friday morning I played in my gym and gave mommy lots of smile. I have a habit of looking at the lights. I also like to look up at the ceiling or look out on to the patio. I played in the bouncer in the afternoon as well. Mommy got some videos that we will be posting a few hours (Can you believe it takes an hour to upload videos to youtuber ????).

In the evening we got cake as it was my birthday. It was a cheesecake with strawberry topping. We put two cookies on it for decoration. One was shaped like a house while other was like a beachball. Check out the pictures in the link below. Mommy cut the cake on my behalf and everyone ate the cake. For decoration we also had three big pictures of mine on the walls. It was a lot of fun.

On Saturday we had family friends over for dinner. I had a lot of fun with Stutididi. I stayed up the entire evening and had a blast. Diptiauntie even got to feed me. Hemantuncle has a very good camera, so he also took a lot of cool pictures of everyone including me.

I slept late and woke up late on Sunday. Early in the morning I took a walk with ba around our community. It was pretty nice out and I like the fresh air, so I fell asleep, but it was good anyway. I also stayed up while everyone had their breakfast and played with everyone.

Pictures from Birthday weekend.

My first month b'day present: videos :)

Check out my new videos

Everyone waiting for me to come out

My first moments in the world, playing with mommy

Meeting pappa, grandparents, and kaka-kaki

First bath part 1

First bath part 2

First formula feed part 1

First formula feed part 2

Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 23-24: I am 4 weeks old yoo hoo

Hi Everyone,

I am four weeks old...four weeks old!! I will be a month old in couple days. Man the time flies around here. On my birthday I spent most of the day with mommy. We went out on a swing and spent some time in the bouncer. On the swing I look around and also like the fresh air. I also listened to mommy's song and stories.

In the evening I went to walk with my parents and my grandparents around the community. These days I stay up a lot more during the day and sleep most of the night except for feeding three times. My mommy gives me a make up session every day for half an hour. Putting lotion, powder, an hair oil on me. I also play a lot more now. I go through about 15 diapers and 4 pairs of clothes every day. Oh and also the burp clothes, blankets etc.

On Wednesday I didn't want to be left alone, so I made mommy keep me either in her lap or shoulder. That was really good. I got cozy and slept and if she put me down I would cry.

On Thursday I played with my gym for 5-10 mins. I also played with the bouncer. I am also growing fast I think my height is now up to 23-24 inches or more. I am also following my toys with my eyes and boxing with the toys on my crib.

July 21-22: Hello Outside World

These two days were kind of cool. I got to say hello to the outside world a little. What happened is that I stayed up most of the Sunday night/Monday early morning. That meant that mommy didn't get any sleep, so my dad stayed at home for a little so mommy could get some sleep. Then, in the afternoon mommy had a doctor's appointment, so me, mommy, and daddy all went to mommy's dr's office. All the nurses and drs looked at me and said I was really cute. I was asleep in my carseat, so I slept through the entire trip, but going out in carseat is fun.

On Tuesday my dad took the morning off and was with me while mommy went with kaka-kaki. I slept through most of the morning, but got up just as my mommy got back for my food :). I had fun with mommy in the afternoon playing, sleeping, and eating. Later in the early evening my dada and kaka swaddled me, put me in a blanket and a cap and took me for a round of our community. I like the fresh air and the sounds on the road. That was a fun trip. Pictures from these two days will be posted in the next post as my parents have got a little lazy this week.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 23-24 :Weekend party time

Lot to tell you this weekend. I had a blast. I got to go out to a restaurant to eat that was cool. This was my first time outside apart from seeing doctor. I sat in my carseat, which is kind of tight, but cozy. Once A/C was on and car was moving, I fell asleep. Then, we reached the restaurant and I was just in my carseat, so I slept through the time at the restaurant. Then, there was the return trip back home. Mommy sits in the car besides me and pappa drives. On the way back mommy and grandma both sat besides me.

In the afternoon, I played with dada and ba. Dada carries me around the house so I can feel cozy and sleep, while grand ma sings to me and keeps me warm by wrapping me in blankets. I stared at both of them for quite a while.

I also played with pappa and learnt a few cool behaviors. I copied him when he stuck his tongue out at me. Now I do that with everyone :). I also learnt to smile in response to his smile. Apart from that I almost got the hive five manuver. I can lift my hand for a few seconds, but then making my palm with straight fingers is hard. I will get there soon. My dad says that by the time its football season I will be ready to cheer :).

I have also got a few new sleeping places. Pretty much anyway my mommy holds me is good for sleeping. If she is feeding me or as me in her lap or on her shoulder, its just very comfy and I fall asleep. I also sleep on grandpa's chest and pappa's chest.

Pictures of the weekend.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 21-22: Partying with mommy, kaki, and grandpa

These two days went pretty fast. I got to spend a lot of time with my mommy. We played quite a bit on a swing, on a bouncer, and in mommy's lap. I also spent some time with my kaki and grandpa as they were also home. I am learning that one of my coolest toys is the bouncer. I love to sit in it, look at the toys, and play with them. Also, love the vibration and music that it plays.

I also like to sit outside on the swing looking at water, ducks, and plants. I fall asleep pretty much right away there. I also play with everyone once they get home. I have also made a habit of getting up at least three times a night to eat. Each time I stay up for about an hour.

On Thursday, pappa and I wore matching t-shirts, so we took pictures in them :). I also got couple of photobooks made for my first three weeks. I am also learning my routine of everyday consisting of getting up, eating, malish, shower, eat, sleep. Although during the weekdays I like to stay up and play with mommy.

Pictures from these two days.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 20: Me and mommy

Hello everyone, now I am 3 weeks old UHOooo... today is my 3rd week b'day. Happy Birthday to me :). I celebrated my b'day with milk :).

Pappa spent 3 weeks with me and he started going to work from today so most of the time today I was with Mommy.

You want to hear my new achievements... wait wait have patience. Today I brought my hands together by myself in Namashkar position. Apart from that I also sat in bouncer and played a lot with toys and listened to music.

I was a good boy whole day as mommy and I were alone at home for few hours. In the morning Kaka - kaki were also home and in the evening dad, grandpa and grandma were home so enjoyed my day with everone too. And another news, grandpa was only left out whom I didnt give chance to change cloths but no more he he.....

I also got to seat on a swing in the evening with mommy, daddy and grapdma. Grandpa and Grandma also took me out for a short walk. Later in the evening I was little fussy because of gas. I screamed, threw up, ate and after lot of cuddling and singing slept peacefully.

Pictures from today

Day 18-19: Party time with new cloths

How r u all doing? I am good. I had a party in my new cloths with bunch of toys including two duckies, a goofy, and a baby doll. Do checkout my pictures in the link below. Apart from that I am learning all sort of new behaviors. I check people who pick me up with my hands. Some times I can even do little bit of boxing :).

Continuing on from where I left off with my comparison with robots, my sensors are way better. Have you ever seen a robot dock to attach to something? That process is slow and complicated. Compare to that when I want to get to the milk bottle, I just move around my mouth quickly and use both my lips as well as my nose to sense where the bottle is. I move my head quickly and randomly and all the time get the bottle's top on first attempt. R the robotics researchers paying any attention?

My parents cut my nails, so now I can stop wearing those annoying mittens. That allows me to easily suck my fingers and also hold different body parts with my hands. As my grandma puts it, Ansh sometimes cries to get himself away from 'mystery ghost', because the 'mystery ghost''s hands are pulling on Ansh's hair :). Grandma also wrote me a poem:

There is a father has a son,
and Ansh is his nameo,
And Ansh is his nameo,

There is a mother has a son,
and Ansh is his nameo,
And Ansh is his nameo,

Pictures for these two days.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 16-17: Love the weekends

Man I could get used to this treatment. The weekends are so fun. There is a long line to pick me up and play with me and everyone gives me attention all day :). I even got to wear new dress that ba and kaki brought for me from India. I am not sure who originally bought them for me, but thanks to whoever bought them.

I also got to have fun in my mommy's lap, my daddy's tummy, and got to seat in my stroller. Cool huh!! I also played around with my grandparents and although I don't have pictures to prove it had ton of fun with my kaka-kaki as well.

My new hobbies are to wet everyone's cloths and to fall asleep on everyone's shoulders while they sing to me. I think I made everyone except my grandpa change cloths at least once :) (you know because either I wet them or burped on their cloths).

Now on to the rant of the week: Can't they make these bottles have bigger holes!! The darn things take so much energy to suck from. In reality it is good because I tend to eat too fast, but my dad tried to check the bottle and almost thought that there was no hole :).

Pictures of the weekend.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 15: I am feeling hungry

My day began ok as I got food, massage, and bath. Then I went to see my doctor. They took my weight and I was 8 lbs and 3ozs. So, I had gained 6 ozs in three days. Well that shot the diarrhea theory out the window. But, the doctor said that I was gaining weight ok, so I should be off formula and just on breast milk :(.

Well that was not enough for me. So I spent all day cranky crying for more food. My parents gave in and gave me some formula three times a day, but it wasn't until evening that I finally fell asleep. The resolution is for me to get less than one oz of formula plus breast feeding during every feed.

On the bright side I got seat in my stroller for the first time today. I also got to take some pictures with mommy and daddy. Also, I spent most of the day with my parents as everyone was out at work. Here are pictures of today (there are some from yesterday in here as well).

Day 14: Diarrhea or growth spurt

Today I confused my parents, kaka-kaki, and grand parents. I was pooping more often and eating more often. The books and web say that these can be symptoms of diarrhea or a growth spurt (not in those words, but those are both listed as symptoms). My poop was a little softer so everyone at home was naturally concerned (as it turned out it was growth spurt, so nothing to worry about).

I spent today doing what I do everyday. Staying at home sleeping, eating, and pooping. My mom still has some pain from the delivery. Although its getting less and less, it still bothers her a lot. I hope she gets better quickly because I want to spend a lot of time with her. Apart from that I had my usual ton of fun. I slept in my crib and played with my toys. I spent some time with everyone and decided not to sleep at night because I was hungry for more food. So, my mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, kaka, and kaki all tried to put me to sleep. In the end, I slept with my parents at about 2am. I woke up at 4:30 and had another meal before going to sleep in my grandparents' room.

I have a couple pictures from today of me playing with my crib toys.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 13: Getting into schedule

I am learning more and more as days go by. In particular, I have learnt that I can induce new behaviors from my parents, kaka-kaki, and dada-dadi. For example, my dad puts on music when I am fussy while my mom sings to me. I also got put in a bouncer today with music on. That was fun. I also like when dada carries me around in the house and talks to me. Oh and the most fun of them all is if I am a little fussy then my parents put me in their bed until I fall asleep. I love being comfy in their bed while I fall asleep. Of course I am on my sleep positioner, so that I don't rollover accidently.

I have also learnt to kick away covers when I am hot. I have also learnt to take out my arms from the swaddle and put them upright besides my head to support my head as I sleep. I am eating every three hours or so and my appetite has increased to 3.5-4.5 ozs.

I spent my morning with kaka-kaki and in the evening I spent a lot of time with ba-dada. During the day I was with my parents, but mainly my mom. No pictures today as we were just at home and didn't take any pictures.

Day 12: Achievement

I forgot to mention that day 12 was the first time I was able to keep the bottle in my mouth completely on my own. Here is a picture to as a remembrance of that feat.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 12: Getting ready to welcome my baby sibling

Hi Everyone,

Lot to share today, so lets get started quickly. In last couple days I have got wishes from a lot of people. Lot of ba and dada(s), mama ane mami(s), kaka(s), foi-fua(s), and friends. I want to thank them all for their wishes and let them all know that I want to grow up quickly and start playing with everyone soon.

Today we also started getting ready for welcoming my younger sibling to this world. We are all eagerly waiting for him/her to join our family. We started wiriting invites for my kaki's baby shower today.

Today I also went to my doctor. She told us that my weight has gone upto 7lbs and 13 ozs. I still have some catching up to do to get to my birth weight, but I am doing well. I also gained one inch in height, which is great. My jaundice is also gone down the drain. So, all in all very productive dr's visit and on the bright side I don't have to go to the hospital till August 19th yoo hoo.

BTW, everyone says that I look like my mom. That's cool. We have already discovered that at least in terms of temperature, I prefer cooler temperature like my dad.

Naniba has written poem for me, so let me share that with you all:

Ansh amaro nano beto
sauno vahalo nano kano
Ansh amaro nano chhe
saune vahalo vahalo chhe
kul no e to divo chhe
dada dadi no dikaro chhe
kaka kaki no kanaiyo chhe
pappa no e pyaaro chhe
mummy no dulaaro chhe
mama no maanito chhe
mami no mangamato chhe
nani no ladakalo beto
mitho mitho saune laage (Ansh)
paramatmani prasaadi chhe
sarajanhaar ni bakshish chhe
thakkar parivaar no shyaam chhe
Ansh amaro nano chhe
saune vahalo vahaalo chhe

I promise that my parents will get their act together and put up pictures from today in couple of days.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 11: Shared property

Today was again similar to yesterday in that I spent most of the day at home having fun. I took my regulation massage and bath with grandma in the morning. I spent a few hours with my kaka-kaki while my parents visited my mom's doctor. My mom has given back the little souvenir bag she had from the hospital for now. We all hope that she won't need that anymore. I had fun with my kaka-kaki, I ate well, but then refused to go to sleep and had them change my diapers :). This morning I also listened to my mom over cell phone. Hmm.. those things are kind of cool.

In the afternoon I was back with my parents and mainly slept and ate. My latest hobby is to fall asleep in the middle of the feeding, wake up half an hour later, and demand more food :). I am making all sorts of noises now including little bit of cooing and of course loud crying. I am learning to cope with all different tricks that my parents use to wake me up. For example, I am no longer susceptible to ticking my feet or putting my down flat on my back on the bed.

I spent parts of the evening with my grand parents, eating, playing, and of course sleeping. Today my parents were a little lazy in taking pictures, so just one picture for the day. So, I will just put it up here.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 10: Sleep is not enough

Hi There,

Welcome to another day of Ansh's life.

Today's poem:

Ansh naanu bakalu
ene paheryu zabhalu
zabhalu pehari sui gayo
mummy nu dudh pi gayo

Today I mainly slept and relaxed. So nothing very interesting. Instead I will talk about why nature's computer is better than the laptop that my dad uses. Similar to the powersave mode in the laptops, I have a powersave mode, but it is much more effective. I can do all the work with my eyes closed. I can play, eat, sleep, and even poop with not only my eyes closed, but while I am completely asleep :). Also, I can fall asleep as I am eating :). So instead of these square batteries that take forever to recarge, I can recharge in half hour using just 3-4 oz of milk.

Oh and unlike a computer my brain randomly tries out unpredictable things, such as sending food through the air pipe :(. So I can learn new things. Unlike the fancy fans in your modern computers I simply sound an alarm when I am hot and it works all the time. Same goes for food as well, when I am hungry I use my loud speakers and the food comes to me right away. None of these fancy oh you are running low on the battery please plug me in stuff :).

- Number of clothes I change in a day almost equals to total number of clothes my dad owns.
- If you gave me one dollar for each diaper I wet/dirty, I would earn 10-20 dollars a day.
- I have learnt to use my hands to shield my eyes against the light as you will see in one of the pictures.
- I have also learnt to push the bottle away when I don't want to eat.

Pictures of day 10.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day 9: Kaki Bday celebrations

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all loving comments. I have a lot more links to pictures in today's post (also in past posts, if you haven't clicked on them already). I am enjoying myself at home and having a ton of fun. I am sunbathing every day and getting a nice tan :). Today we celebrated my kaki's birthday, so I got ready with fancy cloths. I look pretty handsome in both dresses it, if I say so myself.

We ate some ice cream cake and took a lot of pictures. I played a bit with my other toys including a few nice rattles and a teether. I also played yesterday and today in my baby gym. A word of advice for to be parents, buy your kids cloths that are at least two sizes bigger than they need, that way they can get their body in their easily. Oh and kids hate diaper changing, so keep that mind and make it quick.

My favourite hobby is to fall asleep while I am eating especially when I am eating with my mommy. In general I like to fall asleep whenever my mommy is holding me :). I am just too warm and comfy with her.

BTW, my family added a few more pics in day 8. We also uploaded pics for day 9. Kaka-kaki and dada-dadi went to see fireworks on July 4th and took some pictures so I can see them later. Also, pictures from my kaki's birthday are also online.

Day 8: Evening Rant

Welcome to next episode in Ansh's Life. This evening I had a blast. I enjoyed all the attention that everyone gave me stayed up for a while. BTW, I am changing quite a few diapers these days as I keep wetting new one as soon as its put on :). Its so much fun to just go through that.

BTW, I hate all these clothing stuff. I cry every time I have to change cloths. Why can't I just stay covered with my blankets?

Oh and before I forget, I have some poems written for me....

Chaki cheese,
Naanu fridge,
Fridge ma bethu dhinu,
Ene karyu bhinu :):):)

Naani naani beni chhe,
Enu mithu teni chhe,
E vadhaare aapano vansh,
E chhe parmatma no ansh.

Chaki amari evi, saune game tevi,
Chaki na to tran j kaam, khaavu, ramvu ne aaraam,
Chaki amari evi saune game tevi.....

vadhu aavata anke....

Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 8: Getting some sun and relaxing

Check me out in my full outfit a Google onesie and a dodger blue pants to go along with mittens and socks. Did I mention that my mom says that every thing I do is super cute, including when I do aalas (not sure what English for this is :)). I put both my hands up and stretch them as far as they go stretch my legs as far as they go and yawn. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!

I had another doctor's visit and lab today and they say that I am doing fine. I am killing bunch of bilirubin all the time and getting better, but I need to keep it up. Did I mention that I got poked again :(. Can't they like give me sugar and use that to measure stuff ?? why do they have to poke me? I have another appointment Tuesday at 3:45 to have the doctor do my physical exam. I tell you what all those nurses and doctors just like to check me out often, if you know what I mean. BTW, happy July 4th. My first independence day and I can't even go watch the fireworks outside :(. Oh well I will stay at home and rest up.

Day 8 pictures.

Day 7: Relaxing at home

Hey today I finish my first week !! Happy Birthday to me :). Boy its been eventful week, so for a change, we just relaxed at home. I spent a lot of time with my kaka-kaki and dada-dadi during the day as my mom-dad were catching up on sleep. I got to sleep in my bouncer, which was a gift during my baby shower. I also got to sleep in a basket and was wrapped in Dallas cowboys blanket. Not sure why we have a Dallas cowboys blanket, but I don't mind.

My mom still has two souvenirs from the hospital visit. But, she is getting better and is very happy that I am at home. I have continued the pattern of staying up with my dad at nights.

I should note that now I love my family a lot and they all mean a lot to me. I start my day by moving from my room to my grand parents' room. My grand pa doesn't leave home until he sees me and plays with me. My grand ma does the tel malish (sort of like oil massage??) to me and then gives me a bath. My kaka-kaki love me a lot and they call me cutedu and nanu bachhu. I give them hard time when they change my diapers or feed me. My dad calls me nanu buddy and nanu bittu, while my mom like to call me nanu dhinu, nani chaki, and ansh.

Day 7 pictures.

Day 6: Home sweet home

My battle days are almost over and I am back at home safe, sound, and cuddled. Now that I have visited the hospital twice, I feel like staying at home, so I am eating more a whopping 2 oz or 59ml every 2-3 hours. I spent some time with my grandpa and had a party at night with my dad.

Oh and I am learning to try and hold the milk bottle. I also saw a toy that my family gave to me an orange giraffe like thingie with big fat tummy and yellow dots. It makes jingling sound when you move it and I can follow the sound.

My kaka-kaki also got me some items that are specific to boys. So, I now have pictures in blankets with sports stuff on it :). I was kind of tired of wearing green all the time anyway, so wearing the dodger blue is nice.

Day 6 pictures.

Day 4-6: Fighting Jaundice Martian style

Ahh.. my first Saturday. I had my first visitors today. Our good family friends Hemant uncle, Dipti auntie, Stuti didi, and Hemant uncle's parents came to see me. I had fun hanging out with them. They are really sweet. The weekend is going to be perfect, or so I thought..

Prepare yourself because we are gonna go for a fight. My first Sunday in the world was very very eventful. We went to get a bilirubin count check at the hospital. I visited ER for the first time and if that was not bad enough, my count was too high and I had to be admitted to the hospital.

On the bright side, I was under blue lights and had awesome sunglasses that made me look like a man from the Mars. I had my mom and dad a little worried, but with support from my family and excellent nurses and doctors at Kaiser Harbor city pediatrics services department, I kicked a lot of bilirubin away from my turf. Before you see the pictures a word of warning: my cool blue look and awesome sunglasses may make you go red with jealousy. You have been warned, proceed to pictures.

Day 3: On the way to home

Having impressed a lot of nurses at the hospital with my cute eyelashes, I finally left the hospital today. But, I got a little ahead of myself. Having spent most of the night half-playing and half-sleeping, I took a trip to nursery first thing in the morning.

I got poked again, but this time I had my dad's finger to suck on and that kept me quite. I have already been holding fingers in my hand since my first day and my grip is getting stronger. I can also tell my mom and dad's voices and tend to be calmer when one of them talks to me.

I eat every 2-3 hours and wet my diapers with about the same frequency. Dad and Grandma usually change my diapers and my mommy is still in pain from the delivery. My mommy feeds me and sings to me.

In the evening we had a little farewell party at the hospital and then came home. At home I took pictures with everyone and then retired to my room. I saw pictures of Bal Hanuman, Bal Krishana, Winnie the pooh, Piglet, owl, Tiger, and my maternal grand parents. I also got to sleep in my crib. But, half way through the night I was little fussy and spent rest of the night with my grand parents.

Day 2 at the hospital

My first full day in this world was Thursday, June 26 2008. The world as of now looks like a hospital room with my parents, kaka-kaki, dada-dadi, and bunch of nurses who are very nice to me.

My day consists of eating, pooping, staring at whoever is holding me or any source of light, and sleeping. My parents tell me that I cry very little and tend to be calm in general. Oh did I tell you that I started wearing cloths that my parent got for me? Including a cool blue onesie and a Google cap :). Check me out!!

I got poked today too. Not a very fun thing let me tell you. I got Hepatitis B shot and they took some of my blood to run some tests. Even though my dad tried to tell me that it was for my own good, it meant little to me then. I did get to go out to nursery to see the doctor, so that was good. I like riding in my crib.

I did cry some on Thursday night because I couldn't fall asleep. As it would become pattern for the first week, nights are party time for me. I like to stay up and my parents were trying to get some sleep, so they tried to put me to sleep, bad idea :). You get the picture, but I rewarded them with some smiles and kept them busy with diaper changes :).

Hello World

Hi Everyone,

I finally made it into this world!!! My mom's water broke at 9:00am on Wednesday 6/25/08, which meant that I would finally get to see this world in live colors soon. At the hospital I went through a long obstacle course to get out of my mommy's tummy. First, I had to push the tiny opening off the bag I was in. Once my head pushed out all the way out, I had to go under another obstacle and come out of tiny hole. But, I finally made it out at 11:24pm!!

Woohoo...I am here. Take a look.. me getting a vitamin k shot and getting a repair job after the shot.

Don't I look cute!! I know my face doesn't quite show in the video, so here are a few more pics of me at Little Company of Mary hospital. Oh and did I mention I like the Gaayatri mantra a lot? If you sing that to me when I am being fussy, it will calm me. Apparently, my mom used to listen to it through out the pregnancy. The nurse at the hospital got a firsthand surprise when I was roughly ten minutes old and crying my lungs out. My mom and dad sang the Gaayatri mantra to me and I was calm pretty much right away.

That's it for my birth story. I have had a long day, so while I am excited to be seeing this world, I plan to get some sleep first.