Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 7: Relaxing at home

Hey today I finish my first week !! Happy Birthday to me :). Boy its been eventful week, so for a change, we just relaxed at home. I spent a lot of time with my kaka-kaki and dada-dadi during the day as my mom-dad were catching up on sleep. I got to sleep in my bouncer, which was a gift during my baby shower. I also got to sleep in a basket and was wrapped in Dallas cowboys blanket. Not sure why we have a Dallas cowboys blanket, but I don't mind.

My mom still has two souvenirs from the hospital visit. But, she is getting better and is very happy that I am at home. I have continued the pattern of staying up with my dad at nights.

I should note that now I love my family a lot and they all mean a lot to me. I start my day by moving from my room to my grand parents' room. My grand pa doesn't leave home until he sees me and plays with me. My grand ma does the tel malish (sort of like oil massage??) to me and then gives me a bath. My kaka-kaki love me a lot and they call me cutedu and nanu bachhu. I give them hard time when they change my diapers or feed me. My dad calls me nanu buddy and nanu bittu, while my mom like to call me nanu dhinu, nani chaki, and ansh.

Day 7 pictures.


Viral said...
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Viral said...

Aree Anshbhai, You have tons of names ... But for a while, I will call u Ansh. Once you grow and start doing all "Tofan masti" (Like ur mom does) will call u "tofani ansh". It will be while u reach that stage ...