Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day 8: Evening Rant

Welcome to next episode in Ansh's Life. This evening I had a blast. I enjoyed all the attention that everyone gave me stayed up for a while. BTW, I am changing quite a few diapers these days as I keep wetting new one as soon as its put on :). Its so much fun to just go through that.

BTW, I hate all these clothing stuff. I cry every time I have to change cloths. Why can't I just stay covered with my blankets?

Oh and before I forget, I have some poems written for me....

Chaki cheese,
Naanu fridge,
Fridge ma bethu dhinu,
Ene karyu bhinu :):):)

Naani naani beni chhe,
Enu mithu teni chhe,
E vadhaare aapano vansh,
E chhe parmatma no ansh.

Chaki amari evi, saune game tevi,
Chaki na to tran j kaam, khaavu, ramvu ne aaraam,
Chaki amari evi saune game tevi.....

vadhu aavata anke....


Viral said...

nani chaki ni kavita to bahu saras che

pan photo kem nathi ?

Nidhi said...

just a while bak mommy and daddy used those names for each other!!! where's the creativity gone!
-masi knows it all :P