Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 11: Shared property

Today was again similar to yesterday in that I spent most of the day at home having fun. I took my regulation massage and bath with grandma in the morning. I spent a few hours with my kaka-kaki while my parents visited my mom's doctor. My mom has given back the little souvenir bag she had from the hospital for now. We all hope that she won't need that anymore. I had fun with my kaka-kaki, I ate well, but then refused to go to sleep and had them change my diapers :). This morning I also listened to my mom over cell phone. Hmm.. those things are kind of cool.

In the afternoon I was back with my parents and mainly slept and ate. My latest hobby is to fall asleep in the middle of the feeding, wake up half an hour later, and demand more food :). I am making all sorts of noises now including little bit of cooing and of course loud crying. I am learning to cope with all different tricks that my parents use to wake me up. For example, I am no longer susceptible to ticking my feet or putting my down flat on my back on the bed.

I spent parts of the evening with my grand parents, eating, playing, and of course sleeping. Today my parents were a little lazy in taking pictures, so just one picture for the day. So, I will just put it up here.

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Payal said...

That's the cutest picture of little Anshu. He is very cool n nothin affects him while he is asleep, except for hunger n poop!

Love u bacchu :)