Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 13: Getting into schedule

I am learning more and more as days go by. In particular, I have learnt that I can induce new behaviors from my parents, kaka-kaki, and dada-dadi. For example, my dad puts on music when I am fussy while my mom sings to me. I also got put in a bouncer today with music on. That was fun. I also like when dada carries me around in the house and talks to me. Oh and the most fun of them all is if I am a little fussy then my parents put me in their bed until I fall asleep. I love being comfy in their bed while I fall asleep. Of course I am on my sleep positioner, so that I don't rollover accidently.

I have also learnt to kick away covers when I am hot. I have also learnt to take out my arms from the swaddle and put them upright besides my head to support my head as I sleep. I am eating every three hours or so and my appetite has increased to 3.5-4.5 ozs.

I spent my morning with kaka-kaki and in the evening I spent a lot of time with ba-dada. During the day I was with my parents, but mainly my mom. No pictures today as we were just at home and didn't take any pictures.

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