Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 6: Home sweet home

My battle days are almost over and I am back at home safe, sound, and cuddled. Now that I have visited the hospital twice, I feel like staying at home, so I am eating more a whopping 2 oz or 59ml every 2-3 hours. I spent some time with my grandpa and had a party at night with my dad.

Oh and I am learning to try and hold the milk bottle. I also saw a toy that my family gave to me an orange giraffe like thingie with big fat tummy and yellow dots. It makes jingling sound when you move it and I can follow the sound.

My kaka-kaki also got me some items that are specific to boys. So, I now have pictures in blankets with sports stuff on it :). I was kind of tired of wearing green all the time anyway, so wearing the dodger blue is nice.

Day 6 pictures.

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