Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 10: Sleep is not enough

Hi There,

Welcome to another day of Ansh's life.

Today's poem:

Ansh naanu bakalu
ene paheryu zabhalu
zabhalu pehari sui gayo
mummy nu dudh pi gayo

Today I mainly slept and relaxed. So nothing very interesting. Instead I will talk about why nature's computer is better than the laptop that my dad uses. Similar to the powersave mode in the laptops, I have a powersave mode, but it is much more effective. I can do all the work with my eyes closed. I can play, eat, sleep, and even poop with not only my eyes closed, but while I am completely asleep :). Also, I can fall asleep as I am eating :). So instead of these square batteries that take forever to recarge, I can recharge in half hour using just 3-4 oz of milk.

Oh and unlike a computer my brain randomly tries out unpredictable things, such as sending food through the air pipe :(. So I can learn new things. Unlike the fancy fans in your modern computers I simply sound an alarm when I am hot and it works all the time. Same goes for food as well, when I am hungry I use my loud speakers and the food comes to me right away. None of these fancy oh you are running low on the battery please plug me in stuff :).

- Number of clothes I change in a day almost equals to total number of clothes my dad owns.
- If you gave me one dollar for each diaper I wet/dirty, I would earn 10-20 dollars a day.
- I have learnt to use my hands to shield my eyes against the light as you will see in one of the pictures.
- I have also learnt to push the bottle away when I don't want to eat.

Pictures of day 10.

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