Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 20: Me and mommy

Hello everyone, now I am 3 weeks old UHOooo... today is my 3rd week b'day. Happy Birthday to me :). I celebrated my b'day with milk :).

Pappa spent 3 weeks with me and he started going to work from today so most of the time today I was with Mommy.

You want to hear my new achievements... wait wait have patience. Today I brought my hands together by myself in Namashkar position. Apart from that I also sat in bouncer and played a lot with toys and listened to music.

I was a good boy whole day as mommy and I were alone at home for few hours. In the morning Kaka - kaki were also home and in the evening dad, grandpa and grandma were home so enjoyed my day with everone too. And another news, grandpa was only left out whom I didnt give chance to change cloths but no more he he.....

I also got to seat on a swing in the evening with mommy, daddy and grapdma. Grandpa and Grandma also took me out for a short walk. Later in the evening I was little fussy because of gas. I screamed, threw up, ate and after lot of cuddling and singing slept peacefully.

Pictures from today

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