Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 2 at the hospital

My first full day in this world was Thursday, June 26 2008. The world as of now looks like a hospital room with my parents, kaka-kaki, dada-dadi, and bunch of nurses who are very nice to me.

My day consists of eating, pooping, staring at whoever is holding me or any source of light, and sleeping. My parents tell me that I cry very little and tend to be calm in general. Oh did I tell you that I started wearing cloths that my parent got for me? Including a cool blue onesie and a Google cap :). Check me out!!

I got poked today too. Not a very fun thing let me tell you. I got Hepatitis B shot and they took some of my blood to run some tests. Even though my dad tried to tell me that it was for my own good, it meant little to me then. I did get to go out to nursery to see the doctor, so that was good. I like riding in my crib.

I did cry some on Thursday night because I couldn't fall asleep. As it would become pattern for the first week, nights are party time for me. I like to stay up and my parents were trying to get some sleep, so they tried to put me to sleep, bad idea :). You get the picture, but I rewarded them with some smiles and kept them busy with diaper changes :).

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