Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 12: Getting ready to welcome my baby sibling

Hi Everyone,

Lot to share today, so lets get started quickly. In last couple days I have got wishes from a lot of people. Lot of ba and dada(s), mama ane mami(s), kaka(s), foi-fua(s), and friends. I want to thank them all for their wishes and let them all know that I want to grow up quickly and start playing with everyone soon.

Today we also started getting ready for welcoming my younger sibling to this world. We are all eagerly waiting for him/her to join our family. We started wiriting invites for my kaki's baby shower today.

Today I also went to my doctor. She told us that my weight has gone upto 7lbs and 13 ozs. I still have some catching up to do to get to my birth weight, but I am doing well. I also gained one inch in height, which is great. My jaundice is also gone down the drain. So, all in all very productive dr's visit and on the bright side I don't have to go to the hospital till August 19th yoo hoo.

BTW, everyone says that I look like my mom. That's cool. We have already discovered that at least in terms of temperature, I prefer cooler temperature like my dad.

Naniba has written poem for me, so let me share that with you all:

Ansh amaro nano beto
sauno vahalo nano kano
Ansh amaro nano chhe
saune vahalo vahalo chhe
kul no e to divo chhe
dada dadi no dikaro chhe
kaka kaki no kanaiyo chhe
pappa no e pyaaro chhe
mummy no dulaaro chhe
mama no maanito chhe
mami no mangamato chhe
nani no ladakalo beto
mitho mitho saune laage (Ansh)
paramatmani prasaadi chhe
sarajanhaar ni bakshish chhe
thakkar parivaar no shyaam chhe
Ansh amaro nano chhe
saune vahalo vahaalo chhe

I promise that my parents will get their act together and put up pictures from today in couple of days.

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Viral said...

I though, how little ansh will read this poem in English, so we have put it in Gujarati :

અંશ અમરો નાનો બેટો,
બધાનો વહલો નાનો કાનો,
અંશ અમરો નાનો બેટો,
બધાનો વહલો વહલો છે,

કુલનો એ તો દીવો છે,
દાદા દાદી નો દીકરો છે,
કાકા કાકી નો કન્યો છે,
પપ્પાનો એ પ્યારો છે,
મમ્મીનો દુલ્લારો છે,
મામાનો માનીતો છે,
મામીનો મનગમતો છે,
નાનીનો લડકો છે,
મીઠો મીઠો સોને લાગ (અશં) ,
પરમાત્માની પરસાદી છે,
સજઁન હારની બકષસ છે,
ઠક્કર પરિવારનો શ્યામ છે,
અશં અમારો નાનો છે,
બધાનો વહલો વહલો છે ...

(Pls bare spelling mistakes in gujarati :( )