Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday weekend (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday)

Friday was my first month birthday!!! Happy Birthday to Dear Ansh cha cha cha!!!

Friday morning I played in my gym and gave mommy lots of smile. I have a habit of looking at the lights. I also like to look up at the ceiling or look out on to the patio. I played in the bouncer in the afternoon as well. Mommy got some videos that we will be posting a few hours (Can you believe it takes an hour to upload videos to youtuber ????).

In the evening we got cake as it was my birthday. It was a cheesecake with strawberry topping. We put two cookies on it for decoration. One was shaped like a house while other was like a beachball. Check out the pictures in the link below. Mommy cut the cake on my behalf and everyone ate the cake. For decoration we also had three big pictures of mine on the walls. It was a lot of fun.

On Saturday we had family friends over for dinner. I had a lot of fun with Stutididi. I stayed up the entire evening and had a blast. Diptiauntie even got to feed me. Hemantuncle has a very good camera, so he also took a lot of cool pictures of everyone including me.

I slept late and woke up late on Sunday. Early in the morning I took a walk with ba around our community. It was pretty nice out and I like the fresh air, so I fell asleep, but it was good anyway. I also stayed up while everyone had their breakfast and played with everyone.

Pictures from Birthday weekend.

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