Friday, July 4, 2008

Hello World

Hi Everyone,

I finally made it into this world!!! My mom's water broke at 9:00am on Wednesday 6/25/08, which meant that I would finally get to see this world in live colors soon. At the hospital I went through a long obstacle course to get out of my mommy's tummy. First, I had to push the tiny opening off the bag I was in. Once my head pushed out all the way out, I had to go under another obstacle and come out of tiny hole. But, I finally made it out at 11:24pm!!

Woohoo...I am here. Take a look.. me getting a vitamin k shot and getting a repair job after the shot.

Don't I look cute!! I know my face doesn't quite show in the video, so here are a few more pics of me at Little Company of Mary hospital. Oh and did I mention I like the Gaayatri mantra a lot? If you sing that to me when I am being fussy, it will calm me. Apparently, my mom used to listen to it through out the pregnancy. The nurse at the hospital got a firsthand surprise when I was roughly ten minutes old and crying my lungs out. My mom and dad sang the Gaayatri mantra to me and I was calm pretty much right away.

That's it for my birth story. I have had a long day, so while I am excited to be seeing this world, I plan to get some sleep first.

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