Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 16-17: Love the weekends

Man I could get used to this treatment. The weekends are so fun. There is a long line to pick me up and play with me and everyone gives me attention all day :). I even got to wear new dress that ba and kaki brought for me from India. I am not sure who originally bought them for me, but thanks to whoever bought them.

I also got to have fun in my mommy's lap, my daddy's tummy, and got to seat in my stroller. Cool huh!! I also played around with my grandparents and although I don't have pictures to prove it had ton of fun with my kaka-kaki as well.

My new hobbies are to wet everyone's cloths and to fall asleep on everyone's shoulders while they sing to me. I think I made everyone except my grandpa change cloths at least once :) (you know because either I wet them or burped on their cloths).

Now on to the rant of the week: Can't they make these bottles have bigger holes!! The darn things take so much energy to suck from. In reality it is good because I tend to eat too fast, but my dad tried to check the bottle and almost thought that there was no hole :).

Pictures of the weekend.

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