Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 23-24: I am 4 weeks old yoo hoo

Hi Everyone,

I am four weeks old...four weeks old!! I will be a month old in couple days. Man the time flies around here. On my birthday I spent most of the day with mommy. We went out on a swing and spent some time in the bouncer. On the swing I look around and also like the fresh air. I also listened to mommy's song and stories.

In the evening I went to walk with my parents and my grandparents around the community. These days I stay up a lot more during the day and sleep most of the night except for feeding three times. My mommy gives me a make up session every day for half an hour. Putting lotion, powder, an hair oil on me. I also play a lot more now. I go through about 15 diapers and 4 pairs of clothes every day. Oh and also the burp clothes, blankets etc.

On Wednesday I didn't want to be left alone, so I made mommy keep me either in her lap or shoulder. That was really good. I got cozy and slept and if she put me down I would cry.

On Thursday I played with my gym for 5-10 mins. I also played with the bouncer. I am also growing fast I think my height is now up to 23-24 inches or more. I am also following my toys with my eyes and boxing with the toys on my crib.

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Viral said...

વહલા અશંભાઇ,
જ્ન્મદિવસની ભાવભીની શુંભેછા !
- વિરલમામા