Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 21-22: Partying with mommy, kaki, and grandpa

These two days went pretty fast. I got to spend a lot of time with my mommy. We played quite a bit on a swing, on a bouncer, and in mommy's lap. I also spent some time with my kaki and grandpa as they were also home. I am learning that one of my coolest toys is the bouncer. I love to sit in it, look at the toys, and play with them. Also, love the vibration and music that it plays.

I also like to sit outside on the swing looking at water, ducks, and plants. I fall asleep pretty much right away there. I also play with everyone once they get home. I have also made a habit of getting up at least three times a night to eat. Each time I stay up for about an hour.

On Thursday, pappa and I wore matching t-shirts, so we took pictures in them :). I also got couple of photobooks made for my first three weeks. I am also learning my routine of everyday consisting of getting up, eating, malish, shower, eat, sleep. Although during the weekdays I like to stay up and play with mommy.

Pictures from these two days.

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