Thursday, July 31, 2008

Monday July 28th- Thrusday July 31st: Fun with mommy

These days pass so fast. I have some random notes of things I did during these four days.

I also had another incident of mystery ghost grabbing my hair and pulling. I kept pulling the hair harder and harder and crying. Mommy tried to get me to let go, but it took a little while.

I also like my thermal receiving blanket a lot. I sleep a lot more and with peace wrapped in it. I also like to be cuddled and in between people when I sleep. I peek every once in a while and make sure that mommy and daddy are on either side of me and then fall asleep again.

I also understand when someone talks to me. When mommy says I am going to go wash my hands so I will put you down, I stay quite for a little while and wait for her to get back and pick me up. I also wait for food when I am told its coming in a minute. Of course if it takes longer I cry.

I can copy mommy's hand movements now. When she makes a fist and pulls her arm upward, I copy the movement and make a fist and move my arm upwards.

Now my height has increased so much that my legs and back fall off my sleep positioner. So, we put a pillow under my legs. I also like to play with my crib toys. I knock them around with my hands. I also do the same with toys in my gym.

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