Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Friday August 1st to Tuesday August 6th More people to help me

I had two more Ba and one dada to play with during these days. They were my dads, two fois and fua. They were all very nice to me, they cuddled me fed me, and sang to me. They also took me out on the swing, which is one of my favored places. I love having more people around so that was good.

Unfortunately, my mommy and daddy had to be out during this time as mommy has not been feeling well. They call me everyday and talk to me. I like to listen to them. When they call I look at the phone and listen hard. I stay ok without them. I eat regularly and sleep well. I also play with everyone in the house and of course wet a lot of diapers.

Daddy comes home for a few hours and plays with me. Mom and dad don't know much about this time as they were not with me. Hopefully, they will be with me soon. I do have some pictures to share.

Pictures and videos from Week 5

Pictures and Videos from Week 6

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