Thursday, August 7, 2008

More for Friday Aug 1st to Aug 6th -- missing mom and dad

I miss my mom and dad :(. Unfortunately, they are in a hospital. I am not sure why, geeeeee, how much do you expect from a 1.5 month old? :).

But, I am still having fun at home. I hang out with dada, dadi and kaka, kaki. They feed me, take me for walks, take me on the swing yaa...., etc. I have also started to settle in a schedule. I feed every 3 hours and sleep very well at night. Dada and dadi keep me for the night, but I party with kaka, kaki till 1-1:30am.

The big news for this week is that I have started turning over on my stomach, of course with some help from dadi, but still ... I will have a picture of it soon. Also, I have been making a lot of different noises. I might have increased the intensity of my crying, gotta check that with anyone that picks me up next. Good luck to whoever that is ;)

Got to go for my feeding for now. Stay tuned for next time.
I love you all. Peace out :)

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