Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ansh in Preschool class

Hello everybody,
How are you doing? I am here with Ansh's updates. Ansh is now in Preschool class, it is called green room in his school. He is learning a lot there. He is doing writing practice there. Connect the dots is his favorite activity. He likes to participate during circle time. He can speak 1 to 100 now. He knows first ABCD and little bit of second abcd. He seems to be very mature. He takes care of Khushi so much. Ansh and Khushi wake up together in the morning. They take shower together, eat breakfast together and sometimes Khushi comes to drop off or pick up Ansh from school. Ansh's favorite toys: Hawa Hava bottle, spray bottle, Pankho,Battery.
Ansh's favorite food: Milk, Banana-Apple shake, fruits, vegetables, Salad, Chips and dip, sweets etc. He loves most of the food.
He likes to play in park. He also likes to play with Khushi and Anay. His attention span is very good. He likes to talk a lot before going to sleep. These days Ansh and Khushi both sleep together at night. Ansh understands a lot now. Ansh made a song 'Anshil Banshil, Mumma Panchhil'. He is smart, handsome boy with good understanding.
We love him a lot.
Will come again with new pictures and stories.
Take care, bye bye
Jai Shri Krishna