Thursday, March 26, 2009

Scenary in 9th month

Wow what a cool 9th month it has been for me. I have done a ton of stuff this month. I am now cruising a little holding on to the furniture. I have a new doctor assigned to me in Northern California. I have already met him and he gave me a cool clifford book as well. I got no shots till my yearly visit to boot :).

In addition to that, I got couple of new toys an activity table and a walker. I have been using them both on regular basis as you will see in the pictures. I get up on the walker and table and and play with the different toys on there. I press buttons on the table and different music plays while on the walker there are bunch of toys that I can move.

I also have fun with my little bro. We look at each other and smile. Can't wait till he is out and about and we both can run around together.

I also went to the children's fairyland with my parents. The Children's Fairyland in Oakland is a park where they have made statues and murals of children's rhyme and storybook characters. I had a blast looking at the statues and all the animals. We also went to Chabot space and science center. I saw bunch of models of volcanoes and moon rocks etc. One of these days my parents will also take me to see the telescope there. Boy that was a fun time.

I am also eating a lot more. As you will see in some pictures I have been just loving the mangoes. I can eat them allllllllllllll the time. I am also eating bunch of other new food including spinach and rice, roti, lentils etc. Oh and needless to say I llllllllllllooooooove ice cream.

Finally my creative juices are also working out pretty well. Checkout the painting that I did on the computer at the top left of this post. Finally enjoy the picture from this month as well. My dad has figured out the video problem has to do with one of the codecs that got installed on his computer, so he will try to upload the videos from another computer in a few days.

Pics from 9th month.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pictures from 8th month

Hi Everyone,

My parents finally got some pics from 8th month up. Videos are pending until they can resolve technical difficulties between the avi files generated by our camera and picasa.

These pictures include pictures of me standing up with sofa support, eating my new and sticky finger food, and our trip to Nasa Ames exploration center.