Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ansh 18th month

My 18th month has been pretty fun. We made a trip to the The Jungle Island in San Jose. It was pretty fun. I played in their ball pit and with the wooden blocks. I think once I am like 3 yrs old I would have more fun there.

I am also doing ton of stuff at home. I have a Megablocks set now that I play a lot with and I can build lot of structures with it. Pappa hasn't gotten around to putting up videos of the block structures, but he will soon do that. Also, I now have animal and vegetable toys that I play with, I have a lot of fun finding them and arranging them.

I am also having a ton of fun in my music class. I am learning lot of stuff and I like to dance to the songs at home too. I love ram sam, hot dog, and old king cole songs. I also like softer tunes like apples and cherries and can you do it.

We also put up christmas trees and lights early since Anay and kaki are heading to India. We got our christmas gifts early too. Check them out in the photos links. My dad also managed to organize my videos into playlists. So far he has put up 7 playlists you can see them on my youtube channel.

On a not so fun note so far, I started going to My Dream Academy day care center. My first week has been pretty rough. I keep crying and looking at the door to see if my mom or dad have come to pick me up. On the bright side I love playing in the outdoor section and I am liking some of the toys there. Friday was so far the best day for me and I managed to play there and read a book. The weather has been cold and rainy so I might be stuck in the room instead of playing out, but at least I have a few teachers and friends to play with. My family can also watch me online on the daycare's webcam. I will be back with more pictures, videos, and notes soon.

Pictures from my 18th month, trip to the Jungle Island, and early Christmas gifts.