Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 23-24 :Weekend party time

Lot to tell you this weekend. I had a blast. I got to go out to a restaurant to eat that was cool. This was my first time outside apart from seeing doctor. I sat in my carseat, which is kind of tight, but cozy. Once A/C was on and car was moving, I fell asleep. Then, we reached the restaurant and I was just in my carseat, so I slept through the time at the restaurant. Then, there was the return trip back home. Mommy sits in the car besides me and pappa drives. On the way back mommy and grandma both sat besides me.

In the afternoon, I played with dada and ba. Dada carries me around the house so I can feel cozy and sleep, while grand ma sings to me and keeps me warm by wrapping me in blankets. I stared at both of them for quite a while.

I also played with pappa and learnt a few cool behaviors. I copied him when he stuck his tongue out at me. Now I do that with everyone :). I also learnt to smile in response to his smile. Apart from that I almost got the hive five manuver. I can lift my hand for a few seconds, but then making my palm with straight fingers is hard. I will get there soon. My dad says that by the time its football season I will be ready to cheer :).

I have also got a few new sleeping places. Pretty much anyway my mommy holds me is good for sleeping. If she is feeding me or as me in her lap or on her shoulder, its just very comfy and I fall asleep. I also sleep on grandpa's chest and pappa's chest.

Pictures of the weekend.

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