Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 15: I am feeling hungry

My day began ok as I got food, massage, and bath. Then I went to see my doctor. They took my weight and I was 8 lbs and 3ozs. So, I had gained 6 ozs in three days. Well that shot the diarrhea theory out the window. But, the doctor said that I was gaining weight ok, so I should be off formula and just on breast milk :(.

Well that was not enough for me. So I spent all day cranky crying for more food. My parents gave in and gave me some formula three times a day, but it wasn't until evening that I finally fell asleep. The resolution is for me to get less than one oz of formula plus breast feeding during every feed.

On the bright side I got seat in my stroller for the first time today. I also got to take some pictures with mommy and daddy. Also, I spent most of the day with my parents as everyone was out at work. Here are pictures of today (there are some from yesterday in here as well).

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