Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day 9: Kaki Bday celebrations

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all loving comments. I have a lot more links to pictures in today's post (also in past posts, if you haven't clicked on them already). I am enjoying myself at home and having a ton of fun. I am sunbathing every day and getting a nice tan :). Today we celebrated my kaki's birthday, so I got ready with fancy cloths. I look pretty handsome in both dresses it, if I say so myself.

We ate some ice cream cake and took a lot of pictures. I played a bit with my other toys including a few nice rattles and a teether. I also played yesterday and today in my baby gym. A word of advice for to be parents, buy your kids cloths that are at least two sizes bigger than they need, that way they can get their body in their easily. Oh and kids hate diaper changing, so keep that mind and make it quick.

My favourite hobby is to fall asleep while I am eating especially when I am eating with my mommy. In general I like to fall asleep whenever my mommy is holding me :). I am just too warm and comfy with her.

BTW, my family added a few more pics in day 8. We also uploaded pics for day 9. Kaka-kaki and dada-dadi went to see fireworks on July 4th and took some pictures so I can see them later. Also, pictures from my kaki's birthday are also online.


Viral said...

Thanks for pictures anshbhai,

and have a good weekend ...

Soham said...

Nice. Welcome to the geek-world. You are the first web2.0 kid I know. :-)