Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 4-6: Fighting Jaundice Martian style

Ahh.. my first Saturday. I had my first visitors today. Our good family friends Hemant uncle, Dipti auntie, Stuti didi, and Hemant uncle's parents came to see me. I had fun hanging out with them. They are really sweet. The weekend is going to be perfect, or so I thought..

Prepare yourself because we are gonna go for a fight. My first Sunday in the world was very very eventful. We went to get a bilirubin count check at the hospital. I visited ER for the first time and if that was not bad enough, my count was too high and I had to be admitted to the hospital.

On the bright side, I was under blue lights and had awesome sunglasses that made me look like a man from the Mars. I had my mom and dad a little worried, but with support from my family and excellent nurses and doctors at Kaiser Harbor city pediatrics services department, I kicked a lot of bilirubin away from my turf. Before you see the pictures a word of warning: my cool blue look and awesome sunglasses may make you go red with jealousy. You have been warned, proceed to pictures.

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