Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 21-22: Hello Outside World

These two days were kind of cool. I got to say hello to the outside world a little. What happened is that I stayed up most of the Sunday night/Monday early morning. That meant that mommy didn't get any sleep, so my dad stayed at home for a little so mommy could get some sleep. Then, in the afternoon mommy had a doctor's appointment, so me, mommy, and daddy all went to mommy's dr's office. All the nurses and drs looked at me and said I was really cute. I was asleep in my carseat, so I slept through the entire trip, but going out in carseat is fun.

On Tuesday my dad took the morning off and was with me while mommy went with kaka-kaki. I slept through most of the morning, but got up just as my mommy got back for my food :). I had fun with mommy in the afternoon playing, sleeping, and eating. Later in the early evening my dada and kaka swaddled me, put me in a blanket and a cap and took me for a round of our community. I like the fresh air and the sounds on the road. That was a fun trip. Pictures from these two days will be posted in the next post as my parents have got a little lazy this week.

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