Sunday, October 10, 2010

Its been a while

Hi folks,

Its been a long long time since I last posted. Lot has happened since then. We celebrated Rakshabandhan where Khushi and Ritika both tied raakhi to me and Anay. I don't yet understand all the significance, but I have kept both raakhis on my hand and I proudly show them. I think I will skip the responsibility that it puts on me till I get little older :).

I visited Stutididi's place in Irvine. I had sooooo much fun. I missed most of the long drive as I slept in the car. Both times my dad and grandpa drove late night so Khushi and I could sleep in the car. When we got there I immediately got along with Stutididi and had a blast with her. I played with her, read books, went in the garden, played with her toys, and just had a ton of fun. I also enjoyed spending time with Hemantfua and Diptifoi. Do checkout pictures of all of us having fun in the pictures links below.

I have been visiting the Children's discovery museum several times as we have yearly membership. I love playing in the bubbles, water play, and the sand play on the second floor. Last time I also went into older kids art area and enjoyed creating art by stamping as well.

I am also enjoying navratri a lot this time around. I get ready with zabhho and lengho and start playing with dandia even before we leave from home. I have been doing garbe and dandia till late at night. My parents have to pull me away from the action when my feet start hitting each other because I am falling asleep as I dance and I still cry to go back in. Man that stuff is fun.

Ba is in India and I miss her a lot. On the bright side she will be back in four days. Oh and did I mention I talk mile a minute.

Pappa has finally got all pictures and videos posted.

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Viral Sachde said...

Hai Anshbhai,
Happy Navratri :) & do play lot of dandiya,
Say my hi to Khushiben too :)