Saturday, August 21, 2010

Two two kakas visit, potty training, and more

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since I last posted. Life has been a ton of fun. Lot of new changes excitement and the fun of growing up. I am just having a blast. I am talking a lot now. I can speak full sentences like 'This is Ansh' or 'This is ball, Ansh likes to play with ball'. Isn't that great? In last month lot has happened, so let me get started.

kakas trip
Miteshkaka and Neelaykaka came and spent a week with us. We all had a blast with them. I played with them a lot. They told me stories, we played cricket, they played volleyball around my swing, and they brought me those cool robots that I play with a lot. I love to put robots hand in their bodies to get them ready for merging from five to one robot. We all miss them a lot. Oh and I got to stay up till late as they all stayed up till late and played :).

By the way my dad says I am a budding engineer. Any time I see something I try to go see how it works and try it out for myself. The robots is a good example. The other day my dad was cleaning up excess water from bathroom sync and I kept looking to see what he was doing below the sync :).

I love to do stories. I still read books with everyone, but I do stories regularly with Pappa. I do them so often that I can tell 90% of the story myself. We always sit in the big green chair. I sit in pappa's lap. Here is my favorite one.

Pappa: Chaalo Ansh doshima story kariye..
Ansh: Doshima story Doshima ma story...
Pappa: Ek hata..
Ansh: Doshima
Pappa: Doshima kya rehata hata?
Ansh: Jungle paase, big dark jungle paase
Pappa: Ane doshima no dikaro kya raheto hato?
Ansh: biji side.. ahi doshima nu ghar, ahi dikara nu ghar, ane vache jungle..
Pappa: Doshima ne to dikara ne ghare javu hatu etle e ghare thi nikalya ane kevu chaale..
Ansh: Thichuk Thichuk.. Thichuk Thichuk..
Pappa: Pachhi doshima ne jungle ma kaun malyu?
Ansh: big bad wolf
Pappa: Big bad wolf e doshima ne shu kahyu?
Ansh: Doshi doshi hu tane khaau
Pappa: pachhi doshima e shu kahyu?
Dikarane gher java de
Tel ne chola khaava de
taaji maaji thaava de
pachhi mane khaaje
Pappa: pachhi wolf e shu kahyu
Ansh: Ok
Pappa: pachhi doshima kevu chaalava maandya?
Ansh: thichuk Thichuk
.... pachhi doshima ne ame lion, tiger, big bear, and crocodile pan malaviye. Ansh ne to khub maja pade. Ansh pachhi biji stories pan saambhale. Seven dwarfs, yellow duck big, be bilaadi ne vaandaro, and magar ne vaandraa ni vaarta pan Ansh ne game.

Ansh ne khub badhi rhymes pan have aavade chhe. Twinkle Twinkle little star ane ba ba blackship to Ansh aakhi gaay chhe. Mary had a little lamb, ringa ringa roses vagere pan e khub gaay chhe. Gujarati ma e tametu re tametu, vaarata re vaarata pan gaay chhe. Hindi ma ame akkad bakkad bombay go pan khub gayiye chhe. Ansh can now count from 1 to 20 in english, upto seven in spanish, ane upto five in hindi and gujarati. Ansh can tell all shapes and can sing entire abcd by himself.

Major news.. Ansh has been doing great in getting potty trained. He pees in the potty regularly in the morning and in the evening. He is even pooing in the potty in evening. He is also wearing pullups at school instead of diapers. Yaay yaay...

Pictures from June-July 2010
Pictures from July-August 2010
Pictures from Mitesh-Neelaykaka's visit 2010

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