Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ansh 20th month

Hi everyone,

Here is another episode in Ansh's life. I have big big big big news!! I can't wait. And the new is....drum roll... I am going to be a big brother pretty much any day now :). We don't know if I am getting little sister or little brother, but I am ok with either. Due date for new baby is March 12th, but the doctor's say he/she should come any day.

I am taking good care of my mommy. I give her prenatals everyday. I bring them from the cupboard, give her the medicine in her mouth, give her water, then go put the prenatals bottle back in the cupboard. I am also giving je je to my baby brother/sister everday too.

In terms of my life, things haven't changed much. Mommy has been in bed rest for past month or so. I get up between 7:45-8:15 and eat my breakfast. I eat some combination of milk, cereal, raisin bread, maggie, and cookies for breakfast. Then, I take shower. I love taking shower by myself, when I am done I tell pappa to put the shower back in its holder. Then, I get ready and pappa and I leave in the car. I wave mommy good bye. Pappa drops me off at the day care. I carry my lunch box into the day care. I cry a bit when pappa goes, but I am ok after couple minutes.

I do lot of fun stuff at day care, including playing outside in the play yard, doing art, cricle time where we do music and stories, and eat on the table with all my friends. I also take my afternoon nap at the day care. I fall asleep lot more easily there on most days. After I wake up I do my afternoon art and snack. Around 3:30 grandpa comes to pick me up. Some times mommy comes with him too. I go to the car and eat more food usually some crackers or my leftover lunch.

Once I come home I go in the backyard and play. I like to kick the ball and do the lassarpatti. Its lot of fun. In the evening I have fun in the house with everyone. Usually we play lot of our music and me and Anay do some art or toy play. Some time our dads play cricket in the house. We like to play with them. I throw the ball and some times even bat with them. Anay bats with them too.

At night I ask mommy to feed me milk before I go to sleep. I like my mommy or daddy talking to me or rubbing my back as I fall asleep.

My 20th Month pictures include me wearing my dad's tshirt and bunch of pictures from toy stores and kid rides.

Lot of new videos are also in my channel. If you haven't checked out already, check out my 18-24 months playlist of videos. Most of the new videos are from my music class where we all go and have fun.

Watch out for the next announcement...more than likely announcing me being older brother...

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