Thursday, March 4, 2010

lil baby countdown has started

Mommy and daddy went to hospital at abt 9pm on march 3rd 2010. Drs checked mommy at abt 9:45pm and she was 8cm dilated. Way to go mommy and lil baby. Mommy and daddy told me that I get my baby bro/sis soon.

As of 12:45 the baby is still giving farewell to mommy's tummy. Mommy is asleep with epidural. She is still bit uncomfortable and nauseated, but all is well so far.

Daddy is too excited to sleep, so he is typing away. Stay tuned for updates.

4:20am, still waiting. The bag of water was broken at 3:20 in hopes of getting baby out quicker. Contractions are getting closer. Mommy still getting good sleep. Daddy caught abt hr of sleep as well.

Khushi thakkar arrived at 6:09am on march 4th. She weighs 8 lb 1.3 oz and is 20 inches long. Both mom and baby are doing great.


Viral Sachde said...

Awesome :)
Congratulations Ansh bhai, big brother & to your parents.
Awaiting for your little :) sisters pics

snehal said...

Dear Viral,

Thank you so much. Looking forward to having you comment on both blogs. Hope Kaka, Kaki, & Sonuben are doing fine.

Snehal & Kruti