Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ansh's 22nd month

My 22nd month has been busy with a ton of stuff happening. If you haven't checked out already look up my sister's blog where I am blogging for her.

In terms of my own life, I have been fighting with pink eye, cough, cold entire winter and I am happy that warm weather has moved in :). I am also learning to speak more words, its still bit of a struggle, but I am improving everyday. I have also adjusted nicely at the day care. I help my teachers and play with my friends. I enjoy the outdoor time and also enjoy the circle and art times.

My second semester of music class just ended today and I enjoyed it throughly. I now copy dance moves from my teacher and I am also super excited about going to music class on Saturday mornings. At home I am learning to use my new potty. I am working using it full time.

I am also very careful around my sister and also take a lot of care of her. I give jay jay to her in the morning, give her toys, and also cover her with blanket if she is cold. I tell her "no no na" when she cries. She actually listens to me, which is pretty cool.

As my dad has been home for two weeks, we have spent a lot of time together. We go and see the oranges, flowers on strawberry bushes, leaves on banana, apricot, and grape trees every day. We run around in the backyard and frontyard. Life is pretty fun. Well I must go eat before Khushi wakes up, so I can spend some time with mommy dear. Don't forget to check out pictures. As usual videos are on my dad's youtube channel.

Pics part 1.
Pics part 2.

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