Friday, May 21, 2010

Speaking is fun

Hello Everybody, So glad to see you...

Hey I am back. Today I am here to let you know my progress. Now I can speak lot more words.
I can speak dudhu, dava, Ghi, Bahu Bahu, Dog, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Laal, Moon, Ball, Bubble,Bowl, Soap, Bhoo, Turtle, Oval, Wheel, Mooo Mooo, Aavo, Aav, Aap, Aapo, Mummy, Mumma, Pappa, Beeee, Ba, Dada, Kaka, Taap Taap, Bhabhi, Aabhi, Babo,BAba, Baby, Bebe, Aam, Naam, Mee, A, Ya, Yup, Yes, No, Na, Oh Wow, No Way, O O,This, Eye, Eat,Ear, Lalo, Lalala,Aaaaaaa, ai, ee, Pop,Pai Pai, Tal,Dot Dot,Hello, Mum Mum,Dhamal(Mamal),Pi pi,Poo Poo, Pa Pai Pi,Bha bhai bhi,Blah,Ta Ta, Apple, Duck, Dabbo....and lot more

Now I can combine two words and can speak as a sentence.

e.g. Baba Dog, Mumma Aapo, Dudhu Aapo.

Now I can blow bubbles by myself. I am a very good painter. I make lot of cards with colors and stickers. I have made so many things at my school. Flower, Cap, Letterbox, Mothers day card, Cloth clip, Crown, many paintings.
I am having lot of fun at school. I look forward to go to school.

I love to play with bat- ball. I am very fond of music. When ever I hear music, I start dancing immediately. Now I can turn my back and put my both hands on floor and I can kick my one leg.

I also love to write. I take my pen and book and I write for a long long time. I can easily pass more than half an hour in writing without looking to anyone.

I like to play with BeBe(Khushi). I start honey pot for her. I start mickey toy for her. I open books and put those in front of her so she can look.

Do you know I am also a good cook. :) The day before yesterday I made 'Roti' by myself. It was round in shape.(Not like map :)). I also help out mummy while she cooks food. I help out with making maggie, pasta, chatani. I also know how to make lemon juice. I also like to water the plants. I like to put clothes in washer and dryer to wash. I also like to arrange spoons from dish washer.

I love to listen to new stories from story books.

I am gonna be 23 months old in few days. My 2nd year birthday is coming soon...... So, better I go to sleep now because tomorrow I have to do some preparation for my 2nd year birthday.

Good night. Jai Shri Krishna

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