Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Baal Muvara after coming from India trip

Hello everybody,

I am back again with my interesting story. I had long hair when I was in India. After coming home in USA, We did my Baal Muvara. It wasn't fun at all for me. Hair cutting was done at our home, When I was taking my afternoon nap, my mummy, pappa and ba cut out my long, slky hair. Most of the time during that part, I was asleep. But when it was about to finish, I got up. After that my pappa used the hair remover machine to remove all hair from root. I was in my mummy's hand and pappa used the hair remover machine on my head. I was crying a lot. After my baal muvara, I took shower and slowly, slowly I was feeling better. Now my hair was gone. I knew that and when somebody asked me, where is your hair? I used to show him with my hands that it is gone. I was looking very smart and different after my baal muvara. You can see few of my pictures in my new cool hair in pictures from Chuckee Cheese trip.

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