Sunday, October 25, 2009

My new achievements

Hi everyone,

I have been going to the music class. Hureeee!!!! I go to my music class every Saturday in the morning with my mummy, daddy and sometimes with my ba, dada. I love music class. I meet with so many friends there. My teacher sings and dance and We all join her in singing and dancing. I like to play drum there. I love few songs among them. One is apples and cherries, peaches, blue berries, grapes and bananas. Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum. ... I also like ram sam sam song. I also like hot dog song. Even after coming home now I know how to start tv and how to play music. When ever I want to listen to the music and dance. I start tv and I give mummy remotes to start player. I can clap, I can move round round, I can dance with my hands, I can stump my feet. Now I understand words in my favourite cd. I show all body parts and colors when it comes in the songs.
I know all body parts. I can point head, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tong, lips, hands, eyes, legs, nails, finger tips, tops. I can also show you blue, red, green, white, yellow and black color.

Now I can relate things. There is Mickey in my sippy cup. I show that mickey and can show the mickey that mummy maid it for Diwali rangoli painting. Same for goofy. I like to explain that goofy on my sippy cup is also in my pillow. I can point to the sky to show you stars and moon.

My faourite activity is open and close the bottle cover. I also do lot of art work these days. I made 3 cards for pappa's B'day. I used colors and stickers to make those cards. THose are very pretty.

When I go for a walk with mummy everyday. I like to smell flowers, I like to show deer, dogs, squirrels, stop signs in our way.

Now I can go to bed by myself. Mummy, pappa tell me the stories or read books or sing songs and I go to bed. SO, its easy for them to make me sleep.

Dad dug up few pictures from his cell phone for this post.

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