Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Months 13-14: India Trip

Hi Everyone,

I am back. I spent most of my 13th and 14th month out in India. Its been pretty fun, but its also great to be back. Me and mommy left from San Francisco airport on July 7th 2009 around 9am. Papa dropped us off at the airport. Everyone had been telling me about the trip so I kind of understood that I had to be in a plane for a llllllllooooooong time. First our flight went to John F. Kennedy airport in New York. The flight was delayed due to bad weather and it was a six and half hour flight, but I was really good, so we reached ok. We reached at about 8:45pm New York time. Then, we had to take a train to the Int'l terminal. That was kind of fun. I stayed in my stroller as mommy had to take me luggage and stroller.

Unfortunately, our flight to India had already left, so we were stranded at the airport for that night. Luckily for us, Rajumama joined us in New York and he arranged for us to get some food and go to a hotel. At the hotel I ran around a lot as I had spend all the pent up energy from sitting in the plane all day. Also, New York is 3 hours ahead of San Francisco time so that threw me off too. So, I stayed up till 5am New York time and played a lot. Next morning we woke up late and then went to the airport.

Our flight wasn't until the evening, so we ate at the airport and moved around. Finally it was 7:30pm and we got on to the llllllloooooong 15 hour flight. During this 15 hours flight, I slept for 9- 10 hours in mummy's lap and played for rest of the time. We reached at Mumbai around 10 O' clock at night. Rajumama had to go to Pune directly from Mumbai. I enjoyed his company, but from Mumbai Mumma and I were by ourselves. Our connecting flight to A'bad was at 1 O' clock in the morning. I walked around a lot at the airport and then slept in mummy's lap. I was sleeping all the time until we reach A'bad. It was hard for Mummy to handle me sleeping and to take care of luggage and to do everything. But we made it without much difficulty because people were so good around us, they helped us a lot. Flight was one hour late from Mumbai to A'bad so we reach at 3.00 am in the morning at A'bad. It was fun flying in plane first time for me.

We reached home at about 5:00 am on 10th July. Naniba ne ame surprise aapi hati etle emne khabar nahoti ke ame aaviye chhe. Etle ame emni paase jai ne ubha rahya to to temane maanya ma j na aavyu ke hu ne mummy tya pahochi gaya chhe.

Pachhi chhe ne ame tya Haribhai ne pan malya. Amne banne ne bhega ramvani khhhhhhhhub maja padi. Hu emna toys thi ramyo ne e maara toys thi ramya ane khub jalsa karya. Ane thodhu thodu emne pan mane toy ni jem ramadyo :). He has given me a nickname. It's 'Puchukadu'. He also used to sing a song for me. 'Anshil Banshil swimming in the water, swimming in the water, swimming in the water'. I enjoyed a lot with Jayumama and Jigishamami as well. Hun temana scooter ma baba pharawa jato.
Ba mane roj varta kaheta ane books vanchawata. Mane bahu ja maja aawati hati ba sathe.

Mane sharuaat ma jetlag khub hato etle hu ne mummy divas suta ane raate jaagta. E mummy ne thodu hard padatu, pan dhire dhire badhu ok thatu gayu. I and mummy go for a walk in the early morning around 6 o'clock. I love to listen to birdies chirping. I also like to see peacock, cow, doggy, cat, monkey and kids playing cricket in the playground.

I seat in Rickshaw, scooter and car in India. Daddy is going to write about the part after he came to India in a separate post, so that we can at least get the pictures and videos of the trip out. So, stay tuned for more on India trip and life back in USA.

Pictures and videos from the India trip are up and ready to watch.

Me and mommy in A'bad (first three weeks of the trip)
Next three weeks of the trip (A'bad, Vadodara, and Rajkot)
Videos from the trip are on my youtube channel

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Viral Sachde said...

Anshbhai, Nice to read about you having great trip, do visit again. Cound not meet you this time but will make sure next time.