Saturday, September 19, 2009

India trip : last three weeks

Pappa came to India on very early morning on 1st August. I had already fallen asleep when he came but when I woke up I recognized him immediately even though he had grown a beard and mustache. I even pointed out his beard :). You can see us having a blast with dad's beard in this picture.

We continued to have fun in A'bad. We went to watch a movie and while everyone watched a movie in the theater, my dad and I played outside the theater. The theater had many screens so the central area was a big carpeted area and I had a blast running around the area watching them do clean ups and watching popcorn machine :). We also went to see Haribhai's new house that is under constructions. Its in nice big colony with lot of common areas for playing. Here is our picture in front of the club house of the society.

We went to Vadodara on 5th August. We stayed with my dad's nanaji-naniji or as we call them ba-dadaji. Their house is big with fairly open layout, so I had a blast running around. We even got to sleep on the terrace as it was fairly warm during our stay. We setup gaadlaas and macchhardaani and had a blast. Usually, I would put mom and dad to sleep and then continue playing for a while before falling asleep myself.

On the evening of 5th August we went to pappa's motakaka's place. Pappa's kaki's taibat has not been very good, so we checked up on her health and Raadhishadidi tied raakhi to me. We also had some breakfast and sweets their.

6th August was rakshabandhan. Mommy first tied raakhi to dadaji and ba. Then, we went out to pappa's foi's place. Foi tied raakhi to pappa and foi's grand daughters tied raakhi to me. We all had lunch at their place and I had a blast running around and playing with every one.

Next, we went to Sanjaykaka's place. There Radhikadidi tied raakhi to me. I also played with Varunbhai or Jalabhai for a long long time on their terrace. It was soooooo much fun.

Next, we went to Pareshkaka's place. I was asleep for the most part at their house, but when I woke up Nidhididi tied raakhi to me and I had a bunch of biscuits. I also got to play with Darshanbhai.

At night we went to Pappa's mama's place. We had dinner at their place and mommmy tied raakhi to pappa's mama on ba's behalf. I was asleep when we got there, but then woke up and played with everyone. I went to pappa's mami quite a bit and that was surprise for everyone as I didn't use to go to anyone.

That night I was very tired as we had moved around quite a bit so we fell asleep quickly :). Well that's all that my dad can write for today, but fear not the rest of the trip description will come in next part(s).

There have also been some new exciting developments back in USA, but I gotta finish up the India trip before I go on to them. So, until next time see ya, chao, bye bye, ta ta, aavajo...

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