Sunday, September 20, 2009

India trip last three weeks part 2

On 7th we went to Payalkaki's place in the evening. I played a lot there as they had some toys from when Shaurya was there. I sat out on hinchko with dada (payalkaki's dad) and ba (payalkaki's mom). I also spent a night at their place and had breakfast in the morning.

We spent most of 8th doing shopping and went to Pareshkaka's place in the evening. I haven't pointed this out before but in India I used to take bath in a dol. I played bedminton and catch catch with Darshanbhai and had fun.

On 9th we went to Rajkot via A'bad. It was a long trip but I stayed asleep in the car for most part. A'bad traffic is almost as bad as LA traffic. In Rajkot I saw mummy's masi, motaba, ane mummy's mama. I stayed at their place for the most part and had a lot of fun. I was very careful of not hurting motaba who was in the drawing room. Here is picture of me patiently waiting for my turn to get her blessings. I would stand by her bed and ask for help to go to inside room that way I wouldn't accidently hurt her. I would also point out to everyone when she moved her fingers or tried to say something. She pointed at me several times while I was playing there. I also went to feed birdies mainly kabutars with mummy's masi and went to the temple that way close by several times.

On the 12th morning we went to mummy's foi's place. We met Shardafoi and Chandufoi (both ba for me). We took lunch at their place ane mane chhe ne emni divet raakhvaani dabbi hati ne e khol banch karvaani khub maja padi :). In the evening we went to pappa's motamama's place. Their we got together with mama-mami, ba-dadaji (who came to Rajkot with me), and Navyadididi. I had lot of fun playing with Navyadidi, emene mane hichaka naakhya ane maari saathe doda dodi kari ane mane nini karavavaani try kari. We also got some studio pictures taken which pappa hasn't got around to putting up yet.

Next morning we went to pappa's masi's place. There we met Chickoomama and pappa's masi. I ate lunch with them slept through the afternoon and sat on their indoor hinchko. In the evening we went mummy's kaka's place. We met with mummy's kaki, Samirmama, Parulmasi and Akshaymasa, their daughter Shreya, and Akshaymasa's parents. We had dinner with them and I played the water tap and a ball at their place. Mummy also tied raakhi to Samirmama.

Next day we went to mummy's Rameshkaka and Dakshakakai's place. Their place had a lot of decorations in celebrations for Janmastami. I really enjoyed the kana's decoration. I also ate ganthiya and biscuits at their place. Part 3 of the India trip description will be coming soon as soon as my dad and mom can stop watching movies while I sleep and update my blog :).

Oh yeah hint hint wink wink...last time I said more life changes in USA, well you notice my long hair in the pictures, one of the changes is that, but more on it after the India trip descriptions are over :).

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