Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am 8th months old

Hello Everyone,

I am back with my new interesting story. My this month's achievements... Its a whole lot. We moved to a new house in Sunnyvale. Its a big house with big play area. I crawl all over the house. I can stand up by my self holding sofa, boxes or any support. I figured out how to seat down once I am standing by myself.

Now, I am a big boy in terms of eating too. I drink my milk with sippy cup. I eat my dinner with everyone. I now seat in my high chair that Ba gave me when she was here with us. I sat in the high chair the first time on Feb 16 2009. Hey, you know I can also eat by myself. I eat cherrios, carrots,peas. First time I ate in a sweet tomatoes restaurant sitting in high chair was on Feb 21 2009. I also eat regular food like Daal, rice, maag, all types of vegetables, yogurt, ice cream, candies. My dad feeds me everything from his plate. Oh and if u make me wait on my high chair god help you because I yell and scream loudly.

I play with my hands too. I can wave figures like saying "aaw aaw". I also figure out when someone is going out based on them wearing jacket or shoes. Once I figure that out I plead to go to them. I am talking a lot more these days as well. I make also sorts of noises, but my favorite is 'ta da ta da' (you know that letter between t and d in the alphabet :)). I am also staying awake a lot more during the day.

Oh and I almost forgot. One of my teeth in the bottom gums is showing up slowly. You can also feel on next to it, but that one is still a little shy.

Finally, we don't have too many pics from this week yet, so mom and dad are uploading bunch of pics from previous months that were mia until now.

Pictures that were mia until now.

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